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The art of the livestock auctioneer

The art of the livestock auctioneer

Anna Miller

Western Livestock Journal

Livestock auctions are familiar places for many ranchers. Do you remember your first livestock auction, possibly as a child? Fond memories may come to mind of sitting in the stands, heart pounding from the atmosphere intensified by rhythmic chanting and shouting.

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Spent grains an affordable livestock feed option

Spent grains an affordable livestock feed option

Morgan Rose

Farm and Ranch Guide

Arguably one of the oldest by-products ever fed to livestock, spent grain, simply put, is what is left after the malting process has fermented the sugars and carbohydrates out of the grain to make beer. The remaining product is similar in consistency to a warm bowl of oatmeal and it is loved by cattle.

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Low-stress stockmanship pays off when handling replacement heifers.

Low-stress stockmanship pays off when handling replacement heifers.

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

To have easy-to-handle cows, you need to set the stage with proper handling and training when they are young. Working with heifers is similar to training a young horse; you want their first experiences with people to be good. Do not give them any reason to fear or mistrust people.

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Nevada researchers study cattle microRNA effects on meat quality, human health |

Nevada researchers study cattle microRNA effects on meat quality, human health |

Mike Wolterbeek

University of Nevada, Reno

A team of scientists at the University of Nevada, Reno are investigating how cattle microRNAs and the genes they influence affect the human body and health. MicroRNAs are small RNA molecules involved in the regulation of gene expression that convert DNA code into proteins that carry out cellular functions, such as development, differentiation, growth and metabolism.

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A Crystal Clear focus on the cattle industry

A Crystal Clear focus on the cattle industry


Intermountain Farm and Ranch

Fifteen years ago, Idaho agri-businesswoman Katie Colyer merged her interests in cattle and photography into a career that takes her to 80 to 90 sales and ranches per year. She’s been on the sale podium or behind the scenes at most of the premier cattle events across the country, and many in Eastern Idaho.

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R-CALF USA Sets Goals: Long-Range Plan Outlined for the Cattle Industry

R-CALF USA Sets Goals: Long-Range Plan Outlined for the Cattle Industry

Victoria Myers

Progressive Farmer

With its nonconformist reputation among cattle organizations, the Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America (R-CALF USA) has made its share of news over the years. But as 2020 comes to a close, the group has taken a new turn and released its first five-year plan.

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NCBA leader sees processing capacity lessons after COVID

NCBA leader sees processing capacity lessons after COVID


Marty Smith is a rancher and an attorney from Wacahoota, Florida, and currently serves as president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. He operates Smith Brothers-Wacahoota, LLC, a cow-calf operation that has been in continuous operation since 1852. It retains ownership through feedlots in Texas, Kansas and Iowa.

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Can We Eat Our Way Out of Climate Change?

Can We Eat Our Way Out of Climate Change?

Dr. Frank Mitloehner

Dr. Frank Mitloehner (@GHGGuru) describes how food choices impact climate change. The Cows and Climate series aims to explain livestock’s role in the global food system and our environment, focusing on climate change, and promoting collaborative and research-based solutions that can further reduce emissions. Dr. Mitloehner’s participation in the Cows and Climate video series is a part of his research and extension activities at the University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Ag provisions in the COVID relief package

Ag provisions in the COVID relief package

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Ag News

Thirteen billion dollars in assistance to crop and livestock producers is part of the COVID-19 relief package awaiting Congressional approval. Another three billion dollars will be used to help cattle and dairy producers, contract livestock and poultry growers, and producers who were forced to euthanize livestock or poultry because of supply chain disruptions.

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A Cattle Feeding Giant Turns 100

A Cattle Feeding Giant Turns 100

Rachel Gabel

The Fence Post

Kihei Matsushima could speak only a bit of English after coming to America from Japan in 1916. His father, Sueji, had come to the states in 1895, making his way working on the railroad across the country to Nebraska and eventually Colorado.

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