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Baxter Black:  The Last Burro

Baxter Black:  The Last Burro

He was the last burro left in the dusty corral.

His two companions had been sold by the man. They were younger, stronger and finer looking even by burro standards, which are quite high. They were worth more and brought more money which was what the man needed.

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Corn Grazing to Get Cattle Through the Winter

Corn Grazing to Get Cattle Through the Winter

Ryan Beierbach

Beef Cattle Research Council

Ryan and his family ranch near Whitewood, Saskatchewan, where they try to keep cattle grazing as many days of the year as possible. Cattle are selected to tolerate winter on the prairies as they strive to select easy-doing, deep and thick heifers as replacements. They use Hereford bulls on Black Angus cows then use Angus bulls on the heifers they keep as replacements.

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Don’t Overlook the Simple Things

Don’t Overlook the Simple Things

Dr. Gary Bates

University of Tennessee

I started thinking about how she probably felt a little left out because I wrote more about Jed, and that maybe I don’t think about her as much as her brother. That is not true, but maybe I have to evaluate whether I have overlooked her from time to time.  I would say no, but her reaction says something different.   It is very easy to get distracted and overlook some of the simple things. Maybe I haven’t paid enough attention in past articles to my daughter, so now I am in the hot seat, trying to make up for it.

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Bulls Need Proper Nutrition, Protection From Cold During Winter

Bulls Need Proper Nutrition, Protection From Cold During Winter

Russ Quinn

Progressive Farmer

The management of bulls during winter is critical considering they contribute half the genetics to a cowherd and their fertility is important. Cow-calf producers need to contemplate several factors, including bull nutrition, protecting bulls from frostbite and performing a breeding soundness exam to assure semen quality.

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Staying Safe Around Bulls

Staying Safe Around Bulls

Jodi Henke

Successful Farming

A bull that is halter-broke and has been raised as a pet may be gentle. But keep in mind it’s still an animal you have to respect.  Ryon Walker is a livestock consultant at the Noble Research Institute. He says bulls are stubborn and will get upset when you make them do something they don’t want to do.  At any given time, they can suddenly decide they don’t like you and become aggressive.

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COVID relief package includes ag aid

COVID relief package includes ag aid

Jacqui Fatka


The latest round of coronavirus aid for farmers provides specific guidelines on how an additional $13 billion in new funds can offer direct support for farmers and ranchers as well as an increase for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Both chambers are expected to debate and vote on the package Monday.

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No easy answers for fire-weary Western ranchers

No easy answers for fire-weary Western ranchers

Gene Lyons

Chicago Sun Times

I got a call recently from one of my oldest friends, a retired rancher in Montana. As iconoclasts go, Ansel set the curve. We became friends during graduate school at the University of Virginia. One time he was delivering a seminar paper on William Faulkner’s narrative techniques when he paused, dug in his thick, black hair and yanked.

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Adding aggregate value

Adding aggregate value

Beef Magazine

Coast through the pastures at Rush Creek Ranch near Viroqua, Wis., at the beginning of October.

You’ll be struck by the uniformity and 12 O’clock condition of the stocker cattle, especially when you understand they were purchased one head at a time at Southeastern sale barns, sent to conditioning yards and then grazed on ryegrass before heading to Wisconsin.

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Signal to Noise: Biden Sets His Climate Cabinet

Signal to Noise: Biden Sets His Climate Cabinet

John Herath

Ag Web

President-Elect Joe Biden has set his climate cabinet, including Special Envoy John Kerry, Domestic Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator Michael Regan and more. In this week’s DC Signal to Noise podcast, Pro Farmer’s Jim Wiesemeyer and John Herath of Farm Journal look at the big climate message the incoming administration is sending and the potential opportunities and perils for agriculture.

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A Fistful of Data: Information and the Cattle Industry

A Fistful of Data: Information and the Cattle Industry

Matthew Wills


The great American myth of the cowboy was built on the experience of individual workers who rounded up longhorn cattle and drove them from Texas to rail lines in Kansas after the disruption of the Civil War. But the beef industry became big business soon enough. And these sagebrush kings eventually found themselves sidelined.

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