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Curve Benders Become More Common

Curve Benders Become More Common

Dr. Ken McMillan

Progressive Farmer

There is talk about “curve benders” with low birthweights and high weaning and yearling weights. How do you get low birthweight and high growth numbers? The easiest way is shorter gestation periods. When you stack generation after generation of calving-ease genetics, I believe we see calves coming days to weeks earlier than the traditional 283-day gestation period.

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Genetic Sequencing Research Could Assist in Quicker Emerging Disease Detection

Genetic Sequencing Research Could Assist in Quicker Emerging Disease Detection

Katie James

Bovine Vet Online

A new study conducted at the University of Minnesota demonstrates accuracy with a faster method of disease detection and surveillance using Oxford Nanopore MinION genetic sequencing to identify disease at the species and strain level.  The researchers began with samples of Senecavirus A (SVA), which were then analyzed using the Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencer, and whole genome sequences were created using both direct RNA sequencing and PCR-cDNA sequencing methods.

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What’s in Your Catalog

What’s in Your Catalog

Gelbvieh World

A lot of information is included in a sale catalog. This year, make sure that the information that you do put in the sale catalog is working hard to promote your cattle and your breeding program.

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Red Angus Foundation Sponsors Beef-on-Dairy Project

Red Angus Foundation Sponsors Beef-on-Dairy Project

Tom Brink

Red Angus Magazine

There’s a genetic revolution taking place in the dairy industry. Increased use of sexed semen on top-producing dairy cows is creating ample numbers of replacement heifers without the need to breed mediocre or lower end cows to dairy bulls. As a result, many dairies are now- utilizing beef semen to produce growthier, more marketable calves that are 50% beef and 50% dairy.

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Ranch Group Files Brief to Prevent USDA from Preempting False Advertising Claims for Beef

Ranch Group Files Brief to Prevent USDA from Preempting False Advertising Claims for Beef


On December 7, R-CALF USA submitted a motion to file a friend-of-the-court brief and a brief to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in an effort to prevent the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) from being interpreted to govern both beef labeling and beef advertising, which the ranch group says would severely limit state’s rights.

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Steak 201: Butcher’s cuts

Steak 201: Butcher’s cuts

Adam Ragusea

Adam Ragusea is a YouTuber who creates videos about food recipes, food science, and culinary culture. He was previously a professor of journalism at Mercer University, but quit his job in 2020 after his YouTube channel took off. -Wikipedia


Industry feedyard audit tool now available

Industry feedyard audit tool now available

High Plains Journal

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is announcing the release of a comprehensive industry feedyard audit tool. The Cattle Industry Feedyard Audit will serve as a standardized audit tool based on the sound science and common sense established in the Beef Quality Assurance program.

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Plan Now For Spring Colostrum Needs

Plan Now For Spring Colostrum Needs

Glenn Selk


It is not too soon to begin to prepare for the spring calving season.  Locating, obtaining, and storing several doses of colostrum or colostrum replacer will come in handy before the first heifers start to go into labor.  Calves born after a difficult birth are at a high risk of failing to receive adequate colostrum by natural suckling because of greatly decreased colostrum intake.

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Scaled-down bull sales to proceed in person

Scaled-down bull sales to proceed in person

Tim Hearden

Beef Magazine

While it normally draws a big walk-up crowd, the 80th annual Northern California event Jan. 26-30 will only be open to buyers and consigners because of coronavirus-related restrictions on public gatherings. Those with a pass will enter through a fairgrounds gate. All the sifting, trials and livestock auctions will be held as normal, albeit with precautions, and there will even be an outdoor trade show billed as an “agriculture-essential swap meet,” Bradshaw said. But social get-togethers such as a buyer-consigner dinner and bull-riding exhibition were jettisoned.

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Frank Mitloehner is Leadoff Speaker at 2021 Driftless Region Beef Conference

Frank Mitloehner is Leadoff Speaker at 2021 Driftless Region Beef Conference

Iowa Beef Center

The 2021 virtual Driftless Region Beef Conference will feature Dr. Frank Mitloehner, professor and air quality specialist at UC-Davis, as the leadoff speaker. He will focus on greenhouse gases and the sustainability of beef cattle production. His presentation will explain factors of climate change, livestock impacts, and the importance of ruminant livestock in the midst of growing pressures from environmental groups.  Iowa State University Extension beef specialist Denise Schwab said understanding the facts and fiction behind livestock production and emissions is the first step in debunking the myths of livestock and climate change.

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