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Getting the Most out of Stockpiled Grass

Getting the Most out of Stockpiled Grass

Chris Teutsch

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Stockpiled tall fescue is in the most economical way feed cows during the winter months. Once stockpiled growth has accumulated, how you choose to utilize it can dramatically impact how may grazing days you get per acre.

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The Importance of Open Winter Feeding

The Importance of Open Winter Feeding

Leif Bakken

Northern AG Network

“Just because there is still some pasture available out there, it’s very low quality,” Montana State University Extension Beef Cattle Specialist Dr. Megan Van Emon explained. “Unless you’ve stock piled that pasture, cows aren’t able to eat everything they want every day. You’re probably looking at needing a little supplementation not only for the protein needs but for the energy demand as well.”

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The Stockman’s Code

The Stockman’s Code

Tom Field

Angus Journal

There are remarkable differences between the realities of work and craft, existence and life, chaos and code. Ranching provides an environment in which to experience and consider the variation between these concepts.

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Strategic planning helps manage risk.

Strategic planning helps manage risk.

Raylene Nickel

Successful Farming

Drought, unpredictable prices, ebbs and flows in grass growth – these all can take ranchers on a roller-coaster ride of uncertainty. However, long-range strategic planning can keep the operation centered and on track while riding out the highs and lows.

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Matching cows with available resources takes focus and action

Matching cows with available resources takes focus and action

Miranda Reiman

The Cattleman

One of the cow’s greatest assets is her ability to go to work in varied environments — that is until you ask her to work in an environment where she’s not well matched.  Dave Lalman, Oklahoma State University animal scientist, says that scenario is probably more common than many cattle producers know unless they’re looking at the bigger picture.

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What Vilsack’s Return to USDA Would Mean for U.S. Farmers and Ranchers

What Vilsack’s Return to USDA Would Mean for U.S. Farmers and Ranchers

Tyne Morgan


Chuck Conner, who served as Deputy Secretary for the US Department of Agriculture before being named president and CEO of National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (NCFC) in 2009, says agriculture is wading through intense uncertainty right now with coronavirus and other elements at play. “Obviously coronavirus has thrown a whole new uncertainty on that as we are rapidly adjusting the way that we provide food to Americans in the midst of all that,” Conner says. “You couldn’t script any more uncertainty, and II think for farmers and rural Americans, another uncertainty was obviously government and the leadership of government.”

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Improve Efficiency of Feeding Hay This Winter

Improve Efficiency of Feeding Hay This Winter

University of Kentucky

This week on Beef Minutes, Dr. Katie VanValin discusses ways to minimize hay feeding losses and improve the overall efficiency of a hay feeding program. This week’s Beef Minutes features hay feeding structures designed by Dr. Steve Higgins that are utilized at the UKREC in Princeton, KY.


 Nuances of Today’s Calving Pens.

 Nuances of Today’s Calving Pens.

Maura Keller

American Cattlemen

As new calving management methods have increased in popularity, so too has the need for safer, more mobile calving pen systems. Designed with animal, farmer, and rancher safety in mind, today’s calving pens are now equipped with features that provide greater animal control and accessibility in critical situations while minimizing stress and risk to the handler and animal alike.

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Cattle versus the Dow-Jones

Cattle versus the Dow-Jones

Doug Ferguson

Beef Producer

Tuesday I was driving home from an auction listening to the radio when I heard the Dow-Jones average broke 30,000 points for the first time ever. This got me curious to compare my plan on saving for my daughter’s education to a more conventional way.

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Prep for Calving Time

Prep for Calving Time

Greg Henderson


Whether you’re more experienced or a novice, now’s the time to make sure you’re prepared for the challenges that lie ahead during calving season.

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