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Temple Grandin Offers Livestock Farmers an Alternative Business Model

Temple Grandin Offers Livestock Farmers an Alternative Business Model

Mike Estadt

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

During the restrictions placed upon restaurants and bars, craft brewers innovated and moved their dining outside so they could still sell their draft beers.  More importantly craft brewers have been able to coexist with the Anheuser-Busch InBevs because they offer beers that the large brewers do not.  That is the definition of a niche.

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Calving Season Timing and Transition – Fast Forward, Rewind, or Press Play

Calving Season Timing and Transition – Fast Forward, Rewind, or Press Play

Beef Research Canada

For many cow-calf producers, calving season is a favourite time of year. After waiting 283 days, farmers are finally able to see the result of their breeding decisions as well as welcome a new crop of animals that will likely become a large portion of their annual revenue.

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Crop Residue Grazing Beef Cows

Crop Residue Grazing Beef Cows

Western Beef Development Centre

In this video, Western Beef’s Dr. Bart Lardner and Kathy Larson share results from a 3-year study that examined using pea and oat crop residues as a winter feeding source for beef cows in comparison with traditional drylot (pen) feeding hay bales.


Argentina Turns to DNA to Fight Cattle Rustling

Argentina Turns to DNA to Fight Cattle Rustling

Katie Jones

Insight Crime

Authorities in Argentina have been using DNA testing to prevent cattle theft Officials in Argentina have been discussing how DNA testing may be used to curb cattle rustling in Santa Fe, indicating the country may apply fresh methods to fight a deeply entrenched criminal economy.

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Small beef plants garner support amid pandemic

Small beef plants garner support amid pandemic

Candace Krebs


Oklahoma might be behind the coasts in picking up on the artisan-butchering trend, but the state has been a leader in addressing the butchering backlog, she said. Neighboring states are also taking action. Rick Hitchcock is the second-generation owner of a custom locker plant in Kiowa, Kansas, as well as Chieftain Brand Meats, a store downtown. His plant is one of 800 federally inspected facilities left in the U.S.

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What if the United States stopped eating meat?

What if the United States stopped eating meat?

Frank Mitloehner

University of California Davis

If Americans’ gave up meat and other animal products, would that solve our climate crisis? Research says no. In fact, it continues to demonstrate giving up meat would be a woefully inadequate solution to the problem of global warming and distracts us from more impactful mitigation opportunities.

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Auction Markets Earn Red Angus Recognition

Auction Markets Earn Red Angus Recognition


The Red Angus Association of America strives to support cattle producers who take advantage of value-added marketing programs and capitalize on demand for Red Angus genetics from feedlots and packers. Such goals are not achieved alone and the RAAA works closely with forward-thinking livestock auction markets to best represent Red Angus producers and their cattle.

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Beef cattle/forage tips for December

Beef cattle/forage tips for December

Brad Runsick

Baxter Bulletin

Winter is a good opportunity to catch up on equipment maintenance including lubrication and fluid change of tractors, packing wheel bearings on trailering equipment and checking tires on trailers, field equipment, etc., and replacing floors in stock trailers.

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Here’s Why 2021 Could be the Year of Better Cash Cattle Prices

Here’s Why 2021 Could be the Year of Better Cash Cattle Prices

Tyne Morgan


2020 may produce a disappointing end to cash cattle prices. DuWayne Bosse of Bolt Marketing says he’s disappointed in the cattle market lately considering the market hasn’t been able to generate much excitement.

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North Dakota couple receives award for service to the beef breeding industry

North Dakota couple receives award for service to the beef breeding industry


Don and Sarah Nordby received the Service to Industry Award on Nov. 5 from the Beef Reproduction Leadership Team during the Virtual Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Symposium. “I know of no one in the industry more passionate about helping other people be successful than Donald. He is a strong advocate of the use of artificial insemination to bring improved genetics to producers of all sizes,” said Todd Sears, ABS beef sales director.

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