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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 reasons you shouldn’t retire from farming yet

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 reasons you shouldn’t retire from farming yet


#10. How can you retire when your 88-year old father is still plugging away?

#9. You have enough collateral to farm one more year.

#8. Your wife has lots of “plans” for your golden years.

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 Plenty of Options for Raising Ophans.

 Plenty of Options for Raising Ophans.

Jaclyn Krymowski

American Cattlemen

Orphan calves crop up during any calving season for several reasons. A first-calf heifer might not take to her newfound maternal instincts very well, an older cow might have twins for the first time and only take a liking to one, or the hormones just might not kick in right. Some years you may not have a single incident, and others you might have a whole slew of them at once.

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Elanco Deal Could Create Animal Health ‘Epicenter’

Elanco Deal Could Create Animal Health ‘Epicenter’

Gerry Dick

Inside Indiana Business

Elanco Animal’s Health’s decision to invest $300 million to make Indiana its global hub did not happen overnight. And it was not a given that Indiana would get the investment from the Greenfield-based animal health giant. Insiders say the deal was more than a year in the making and that Elanco initially considered five locations, including one in Germany, but it quickly came down to two: Indianapolis and Kansas City, where Elanco and its newly-acquired Bayer Animal Health are key players in a highly-regarded animal science corridor stretching to Kansas State University in Manhattan.

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Clean, soiled or frozen ears — How do you manage your implant program?

Clean, soiled or frozen ears — How do you manage your implant program?

John McKinnon

Canadian Cattlemen

While these are important aspects of any implant program, equally important is ensuring the proper placement of the implant in the animal’s ear. While this may seem like a simple step, failure to do so in a proper fashion can render the implant ineffective and result in a loss of productivity. With this, the last column in this series, I will focus on proper management of the implant program.

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How to Improve Ration Consistency

How to Improve Ration Consistency

Jiehua Xiong and Chris Muegge

Feedlot Magazine

Cattle are creatures of habit. Delivering an accurate ration across the entire bunk every feeding is often overlooked but provides the consistency that they crave. When feeding cattle a total mixed ration (TMR), there are four components you need to consider: the ration formulated on paper, the mixed ration, the ration the cattle consume, and the ration that is refused. The goal of TMR processing is to minimize variation and make the four rations as consistent/accurate as possible.

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Consider Mineral Deficiencies In Cattle Deaths

Consider Mineral Deficiencies In Cattle Deaths



Ranchers need to keep in mind that the wrong quantities of minerals can be dangerous or even deadly to cattle, said experts from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. When it comes to cattle and minerals, what works for a rancher 700 miles away may actually work better for you than what works for a neighbor 7 miles down the road; it all depends on what is in your soil, supplements, feed, forage and water supply.

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Seven Common Cattle Ailments that are Often Preventable

Seven Common Cattle Ailments that are Often Preventable

Victoria Myers

Progressive Farmer

Sometimes in the cattle business it pays to keep things simple. Most herd health problems, for example, aren’t going to be the result of a rare disease or a genetic defect. They are more likely about management and prevention of ailments everyone’s already heard of.

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Cattle Feeders Squander Opportunity

Cattle Feeders Squander Opportunity

Brad Hulett


Feeders in the South traded across a wide range last week.  A higher market was established early, but in a rush to move cattle, the gain was squandered by feeders before trade closed.  Several feeders in Texas pushed the market higher to get $112 per cwt.  Other producers in the South rushed to trade cattle jumping on the $110 bids. Once trade at lower money was established, any door to combat the lower prices was shut as well.

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Evaluating change, but making the right move

Evaluating change, but making the right move

Doug Ferguson

Beef Producer

I am going to pinpoint you cow calf producers this week because you are the most resistant to change. I get it, I used to be the same way. Those cows and calves are a family legacy, and that brand has been handed down through the generations. There is a certain way of doing things.

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Obama-era Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack tapped to return to role under Biden

Obama-era Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack tapped to return to role under Biden

Haley Victory Smith

Washington Examiner

Tom Vilsack, the former Iowa governor and agriculture secretary under President Barack Obama, has been tapped to return to the role under Joe Biden, according to reports.

Vilsack served as Governor from 1999 to 2007 before serving in the cabinet as Agriculture Secretary for all of Obama’s presidency. The announcement could come as soon as this week, according to Axios. Biden has thus far built an administration rooted in former Obama officials.

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