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Outsourcing Heifer Development a Learning Opportunity

Outsourcing Heifer Development a Learning Opportunity

Victoria Myers

Progressive Farmer

Most cattle producers would agree developing replacement heifers is challenging. Outsourcing heifer development is one option with returns that extend beyond the financial side of the business.

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Watch Vomitoxin Levels in Feed

Watch Vomitoxin Levels in Feed

Erika Lyon

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

High vomitoxin levels are leading to the rejection of some corn at grain elevators this year. Vomitoxin detected in corn so far is enough that at some elevators, trucks are not permitted to leave scales until a vomitoxin quick test is completed.

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Things to Consider before Harvesting a Market Animal at Home

Things to Consider before Harvesting a Market Animal at Home

Brianna Buseman, Carol Schwarz

University of Nebraska

One of the main concerns when harvesting livestock at home is temperature. If handled poorly or not stored properly, meat can be a great place for bacteria to grow.  It is important to cool the carcass to 34-45o F within 24 hours after harvest. In addition to environmental temperature, care needs to be taken to decrease the chance of carcass contamination (feces, dust, etc.) that could lead to bacteria growth.

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‘We’re fighting for a way of life’: Pandemic causes Iowa cattle farmers to lose money while consumers pay more

‘We’re fighting for a way of life’: Pandemic causes Iowa cattle farmers to lose money while consumers pay more

Donnelle Eller

Des Moines Register

Until recently, Craig Moss could get four or five bids for his cattle, competition that helped the 37-year-old feel he was getting a decent price for his livestock. That changed with the coronavirus. Moss had no buyers bidding on his cattle for seven weeks. When he finally received a bid, he had less than 5 minutes to respond. “I said I wanted to talk over the bid real quick with my dad, called back and he said, ‘Nope, we’re not going to do it. We’re full,'” Moss said.

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Tailgate Talks:  Hay Quality and Forage Testing

Tailgate Talks:  Hay Quality and Forage Testing

University of Nebraska

Nebraska Extension Educator, Hannah Greenwell, joins us this week to discuss hay quality and how to sample forages for testing.

What is body condition scoring?

What is body condition scoring?

Beef Research Council

The productivity of beef cows depends largely on the amount of fat they carry. A herd of cows maintained in the right condition with an ideal layer of fat cover will have more (and heavier!) calves than a herd of thin or over-fat cows.

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Getting back to normal

Getting back to normal

Ginger Rowsey

Delta Farm Press

After a volatile spring, experts believe cattle markets are back to seasonal patterns. Experts say cattle prices are getting back to seasonal patterns after COVID disruption.  Crazy volatility. It could be the mantra for 2020. For beef cattle producers this year has been an especially wild roller coaster ride.

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Why All the Fat Bulls?

Why All the Fat Bulls?

American Red Angus

The sale of beef bulls is often the primary source of income for seedstock producers. That makes bull growth and development a BIG DEAL for everyone involved. Bulls must be adequately grown out to sell well, but there are limits. Proper bull development programs include an extensive list of steps and actions that must be completed by every operation

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Price comparison: Northern Plains feeder cattle trends

Price comparison: Northern Plains feeder cattle trends

Ed Czerwien

Beef Magazine

Northern Plains feeder cattle prices have been rebounding higher but lately have leveled out more for the yearling monthly average, but the lighter-weight calves dropped lower which is often normal during the very big fall runs.

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College endowments and cattle-rustlers: The story of John Cole

College endowments and cattle-rustlers: The story of John Cole

Morgan Morrison

Hillsdale Collegian

When Jim Cole invited me to his 120-year-old farm­house to see a 160-year-old picture of Hillsdale College, I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into.  “You ain’t scared of big dogs, are you?” he asked over the phone.  I brought along beef jerky to cajole the two hounds that guard his driveway.

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