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Baxter Black: The Straggler

Baxter Black:  The Straggler

Ol’ Wayne was real particular about his steers. He figgered if he spent his hard earned pennies tryin’ to get a few extra pounds, he dang sure wasn’t gonna sweat it off ‘em durin’ the gather.

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Indiana Representative Jim Baird wants to prioritize the programs that support farmers

Indiana Representative Jim Baird wants to prioritize the programs that support farmers


Indiana Republican, Jim Baird is a Vietnam veteran with a doctorate in animal nutrition. On the hill, he serves on the House Ag Committee and says that his peers are becoming more aware of the industry. “If the coronavirus and this pandemic did anything it made all of our legislators aware…,” Representative Baird states. “The fact that there wasn’t food on the food shelves in the grocery store impacted every legislator, and so, it called real attention to the fact that agriculture is an extremely, critical enterprise during these emergency situations.”

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True Protein vs. Non-protein Nitrogen

True Protein vs. Non-protein Nitrogen

Dr. Katie Mason

University of Tennessee

Protein is a vital nutrient for cattle, especially for rapidly growing or lactating animals. In cattle diets, protein is commonly expressed as “crude protein” (CP). The CP concentration is determined by multiplying nitrogen (N) concentration of the feed or forage by 6.25. Most protein contains 16% N, which is why the conversion factor is 6.25 (1 ÷ 0.16 = 6.25). For example, 1.8% N in a sample × 6.25 = 11.25% CP.

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Taxing Meat: A Fool’s Errand

Taxing Meat: A Fool’s Errand

Greg Henderson


Under constant strain from volatile markets and devastating weather events, cattlemen also face an existential threat to their livelihood – that beef is environmentally unstainable and will be rejected by consumers.

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Beef cattle industry being developed in tobacco country 

Beef cattle industry being developed in tobacco country 

Business World

The National Tobacco Administration (NTA) said it is hoping to develop a beef cattle industry among tobacco growers with a P10-million program that will provide breeding animals to prospective cattle raisers. NTA Administrator Robert Victor G. Seares, Jr. said 250 ready-to-breed Brahman heifers will be distributed to selected tobacco growers in Abra, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, Pangasinan, Isabela, and Cagayan under the Beef Cattle Production Assistance Project.

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Beef Cattle Market Reform

Beef Cattle Market Reform

Nebraska News Channel

Policymakers are at odds with one another as the Senate and House have received multiple bills since the Corona-virus pandemic sent the market into a tailspin.

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Red Angus Releases New Index to Identify Profitability

Red Angus Releases New Index to Identify Profitability

The Red Angus Association of America released an updated suite of bio-economic selection indexes, including the Profitability and Sustainability index, last week. The breed’s new flagship index, abbreviated ProS, is an all-purpose index that covers economically relevant traits across all aspects of the beef supply chain from conception to carcass.

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Combining No-Till, Covers, Pheasants and Cattle

Combining No-Till, Covers, Pheasants and Cattle

Sarah Hill

No Till Farmer

Dennis Hoyle says that a radio broadcast in 2015 changed his thinking about cover crops and cash crops.  “A guy said that farmers can buy corn cheaper than they can raise it,” he says. “Instead of doing that, I wanted to do something good for our land.” Hoyle had been planting food plots for pheasants since 2002, which turned into a pheasant hunting business. It’s also how he got started planting cover crops, though he didn’t realize it at the time.

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Less Is More

Less Is More

Justin Sexten

With much of the country drier than ideal, optimizing feed resources are top of mind heading into winter. Even for those who enjoyed timely summer rains, the marginal economics of the cattle business and rising feed costs continue to cause nearly everyone to search for ways to do more with less.

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Animal health matters: Why do some beef cows die?

Animal health matters: Why do some beef cows die?

Russ Daly

Aberdeen News

“What could have caused three of my cows to die out on pasture? Is there anything ‘going around’?” As an Extension veterinarian, this is a call I get all too often from beef producers. It’s among the most frustrating ones I get, too, because I rarely have an answer. There usually isn’t any one thing that’s “going around,” and the list of possible causes for these losses is long.

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