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Why Having a Biosecurity Plan in Place is So Important for Producers

Why Having a Biosecurity Plan in Place is So Important for Producers

Oklahoma Farm Report

Having a biosecurity plan in place should be a big priority for cattle producers, says Dr. Rosslyn Biggs, OSU beef cattle extension specialist, and College of Veterinary Medicine director. “The Thing about the coronavirus that’s really brought to the general conversation is things like epidemiology, contact tracing, how diseases, in particular viruses, spread from one infected person or animal to another and measures that we can take to prevent the spread of disease.”

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Grazing Exchanges Connect Producers and Landowners

Grazing Exchanges Connect Producers and Landowners


Having the livestock available to graze down crop residues and covers isn’t always feasible, even though the practice clearly comes with a long list of benefits, including keeping down wildfires.

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Freezer Beef Sales Explode During COVID-19

Freezer Beef Sales Explode During COVID-19

Mike Estadt

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

It is well documented that early in the coronavirus pandemic, major meat processing facilities across the United States became supply bottlenecks due to employee infections shutting down production.

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‘Winterizing’ your cows: Nutrition going into the dormant season

‘Winterizing’ your cows: Nutrition going into the dormant season

Caitlin Hebbert

Progressive Cattle

For the vast majority of cow-calf producers, this time of year is scored with the chorus of freshly weaned calves. The majority of our focus right now is directed toward weaning strategies, alleviating stress, vaccination protocols, nutrient management and marketing of the 2020 calf crop – and rightfully so.

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Brassicas are a great fall-grazing resource

Brassicas are a great fall-grazing resource

C.J. Weddle

Hay and Forage Grower

Brassicas can be utilized as fall and winter grazing crops, but there are a few things that University of Arkansas (UA) Forage Program Associate Kenny Simon says you should know before turning a herd of cattle out to graze freely.

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Oversold cattle market to see a bounce or consolidation

Oversold cattle market to see a bounce or consolidation

Terry Roggensack

Successful Farming

Restaurant and catering demand were already weak, and the potential for further lockdowns for restaurants and bars will limit demand even more. The USDA boxed beef cutout yesterday closed $1.13 lower at $206.70. This was down from $210.60 the previous week and was the lowest the cutout had been since August 7.

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Beef is bad for the planet. Can we make it better?

Beef is bad for the planet. Can we make it better?

Byrd Pinkerton Sigal Samuel


Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

On the edge of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, there’s a small city called Alta Floresta. It was settled four decades ago when people came in to ranch cattle. They cut down big tracts of the rainforest and set fire to the trees in an environmentally destructive process known as slashing and burning.

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Select Carcass Value Pressure

Select Carcass Value Pressure

Paul Dykstra


The fed cattle price recovery that has been painstakingly built since early September has eroded in an extraordinary decline over the past two weeks.  All facets of the beef supply chain have acknowledged the fed cattle supply burden we face as we begin the new year. However, it seems that the fund managers just became enlightened to that reality, rapidly reducing long-hedged positions and creating the waterfall effect.

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Prime beef continues to surge

Prime beef continues to surge

Nevil Speer

Beef Magazine

At the end of September, Industry At A Glance highlighted the ongoing solid premium for Prime in the wholesale market.  That surge was surprising, given the sharp slowdown in food service volume in the past six months due to COVID. The column noted, “…the premium for Prime has been defying gravity – the moving average now stands above $30 and has been positively diverging from other categories in recent weeks.”

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5 reasons to buy a cow (or part of one)

5 reasons to buy a cow (or part of one)

Ginger Kozlowski

Concord Monitor

Want to buy a cow? It could live in your backyard and eat the grass. Then you could feed it expensive fermented hay all winter. It could supply all the manure you could ever want – and more. To the point, how would you turn an inconvenient pet into extremely convenient meat?

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