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Ignore chatter to succeed at marketing

Ignore chatter to succeed at marketing

Doug Ferguson

Beef Producer
This week I got a call from a rancher friend who was in a panic. It’s getting close to the time he has to sell his calves and the market being down hard early in the week had him shook.

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Registration Open for Virtual Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Workshop

Registration Open for Virtual Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Workshop


Registration is now open for the Virtual 2020 Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Workshop (ARSBC) that will be Nov. 4 and 5. The program targets commercial and seedstock producers, the artificial insemination (AI) and allied industries and veterinarians interested in using or improving implementation of reproductive management tools and associated genetic tools.

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Pandemic brings new attention to beef cattle industry

Pandemic brings new attention to beef cattle industry

Jennifer Dorsett

Texas Farm Bureau

In the U.S. House of Representatives, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) and others introduced the Requiring Assistance to Meat Processors for Upgrading Plants (RAMP-UP) Act, which would establish a grant program to help existing meat and poultry processors move from state to federal inspection facilities, giving access to markets across state lines.

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Is automated processing in beef’s future?

Is automated processing in beef’s future?

Jaclyn Krymowski

Progressive Cattle

COVID-19 swept the packing sector particularly hard – impacting production, processing and distribution. With labor becoming scarcer and operating under strict protocols, a fully human workforce is disadvantaged.

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BRaNDS software newly updated

BRaNDS software newly updated

Iowa Beef Center

Beef producers interested in software that assists with balancing rations will want to check out the Iowa Beef Center’s ration balancing software. Associate scientist Garland Dahlke said the professional and standard versions of four of the Beef Ration and Nutrition Decision Software programs have been updated and are now ready for use.

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Cattle Producers Recognized for Outstanding Environmental Stewardship

Cattle Producers Recognized for Outstanding Environmental Stewardship


In a special edition of NCBA’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen, seven of the nation’s top cattle operations were honored for implementing practices that make them true stewards of land, air and water resources. Each of these farms and ranches exemplify the commitment of all producers to protect the resources in their care and improve their operations for future generations of cattlemen and women.

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State Groups Break from NCBA on Cattle Market Solution

State Groups Break from NCBA on Cattle Market Solution

Chris Clayton


Cattle markets have stabilized in recent months but the pandemic and market reactions earlier this year raised concerns throughout the industry about price discovery. As cattle producers received less for their livestock due to packing houses idling, the packers themselves were getting record prices for boxed beef.

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Cows are critical for climate change

Cows are critical for climate change

Donna Berry

Meat and Poultry

It is essential that all food manufacturers think ahead in order to provide nutrition for an anticipated population of 10 billion by 2050. Some regions are experiencing increased heat and drought, while others have flooding and large, damaging storms. Agricultural lands are at risk with both scenarios, which is why industry stakeholders are doing their part to improve the ecosystem; and it all comes down to the soil.

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Changing farmland to pasture can boost profits, cattle health and environment

Changing farmland to pasture can boost profits, cattle health and environment

Alice Mannette

The Hutchinson News

When four generations of farmers before you have raised grains in Kansas, changing crops or moving to cattle can be a big deal. After markets weakened, CJ and Russell Blew of Blew Partnership in Castleton decided change was necessary. “For us it was strictly an economic issue,” CJ Blew said. “The fact that it’s beneficial to the watershed is a bonus.”

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Beef cow herd calendar for November

Beef cow herd calendar for November

David Cantrell

McAlester News

It’s already November! Here is a list of some important cattle herd management task to complete before we get too far into the winter months. The task identified will be listed for both fall and spring calving herds.

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