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Getting Ready for Winter on the Range

Getting Ready for Winter on the Range

Sean Kelly

South Dakota State University

With much of South Dakota experiencing drought conditions this past summer and now continuing into fall, the opportunity for winter grazing may be very limited or not available at all. A ranch manager must try to ensure that enough residual plant height and vegetation cover of the soil surface is available through the winter to aid in recovery of the rangeland.

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Stable Cattle Herd is Climate Neutral Says California Scientist Dr. Frank Mitloehner

Stable Cattle Herd is Climate Neutral Says California Scientist Dr. Frank Mitloehner

Oklahoma Farm Report

Cattle are not to blame for climate change, says Dr. Frank Mitloehner, professor and air quality specialist in Cooperative Extension in the Animal Science Department at the University of California, Davis. Mitloehner has been a popular guest speaker on many virtual cattle industry meetings this year. He challenges the idea advanced by environmentalists that cattle are to blame for greenhouse gases. Mitloehner credits the cattle industry for reducing the carbon footprint and suggests cattle are climate neutral.

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Arrival Health Programs for High-Risk Calves

Arrival Health Programs for High-Risk Calves

Dr. Dan Thomson

University of Nebraska

This is the second session of a four-part webinar series on calf health management on arrival. Dr. Dan Thomson discusses arrival health programs for high-risk calves. Dr. Thomson shares some handling procedures that reduce arrival stress and promote health.

Tips to Improve the Success of Weaning Beef Calves

Tips to Improve the Success of Weaning Beef Calves

Jeff Lehmkuhler

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Fall is officially here and with it will bring the country sound of calves bawling as weaning occurs on beef cattle farms. This time of year can be busy with field crops, getting the last cutting of hay and other farm activities. Take some time to prepare for weaning of the beef calves to add value to the calf crop prior to marketing. Weaning preparation can reduce stress for you and the calves.

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Breaking a Cycle of Ringworm

Breaking a Cycle of Ringworm

Dr. Ken McMillan

Progressive Farmer

It’s important to remember, ringworm spores can exist in the environment for months or even years. The first step in suspected cases of ringworm is to confirm that it is actually ringworm, and then to evaluate individual affected animals and overall herd health. specific treatment for ringworm.

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Senses and Sense

Senses and Sense

Morgan Marley

Angus Beef Bulletin

Stepping into a cattle pen, we naturally act the predator, manipulating where animals go. But good handling practices should turn us into leaders, says Kip Lukasiewicz. The veterinarian now works through Production Animal Consultation to teach ranchers and cattle feeders across the country how to use their senses — sight, hearing, smell and touch — to understand and guide animals.

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Invest Time Into Caring For Calves

Invest Time Into Caring For Calves

Lisa Moser


“It is important to take time to observe the calves when they come up to the feedbunk,” said Brad White, Kansas State University veterinarian and Beef Cattle Institute director on a recent BCI Cattle Chat podcast.

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Cow Burps – Cattle Industry Poised To Lead The Way To A Cooler Earth By Reducing Methane Content

Cow Burps – Cattle Industry Poised To Lead The Way To A Cooler Earth By Reducing Methane Content

James Conca


Cow gastrointestinal methane emissions are surprisingly important as a greenhouse gas. Blue Ocean … [+] Barns looks to reverse that by adding a seaweed feed supplement that reduces the methane content by about 80%.

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How’s the fall bull sale season shaping up? Part 2

How’s the fall bull sale season shaping up? Part 2

Steve May and Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

There will be plenty of bulls available this fall, but how you buy them is changing. Private treaty sales have always been part of the mix, and there’s nothing quite like a live auction for fun, excitement and the camaraderie of seeing old friends and making new ones.

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I cry for the mountains: A legacy lost

I cry for the mountains: A legacy lost

Dave Daley

Enterprise Record

The fire destroyed our cattle range, our cattle, and even worse our family’s legacy. Someone asked my daughter if I had lost our family home. She told them “No, that would be replaceable. This is not!” I would gladly sleep in my truck for the rest of my life to have our mountains back.

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