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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs of autumn

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs of autumn


#10. The neighbor gets a new yellow truck — nope, it’s just covered with pollen.

#9. Might be a good time to transition the spring-calvers that just calved into the fall calving group.

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PRICE Act Offers Twelve Legislative Solutions to Cattle Industry

PRICE Act Offers Twelve Legislative Solutions to Cattle Industry

Kayla Sargent

Western AG Reporter

If the industry could order a bill with “the works” it may just be the recently introduced PRICE Act. Representative Dusty Johnson (R-SD) included direct marketing options, producer-owned processing grants, a beef cattle contract library, mandatory price reporting analyses, a foreign investment review, and emergency CRP usage all on the plate for his livestock industry constituents.

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2021 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Cancelled

2021 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Cancelled

The executive committee of the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo (FWSSR) voted unanimously yesterday to cancel the 2021 Show scheduled for January 15 through February 6. “This is a heartbreaking decision for our leadership and was not made lightly,” said Stock Show President and General Manager, Brad Barnes. “We wanted to find a way to safely hold a Show for our 1.2 million guests, exhibitors and competitors. Unfortunately, the challenges we face to create practical and enforceable protocols and procedures to comply with COVID-19 guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are extremely daunting. The uncertainty of the virus potential spread across Texas and the nation during the upcoming flu season was another major factor weighing on our decision.”

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Bud Box animation

Bud Box animation

Aurochs Consulting

I put together a new “Bud Box” animation with narration to help folks understand how they work. The Bud Box system is usually the best option for getting cows into an alley or trailer. It’s cheap and simple to build, and it works well with all kinds of cattle. Importantly, it is also very easy to train up a person to use the system.

Lack of moisture threatens winter grazing

Lack of moisture threatens winter grazing

Derrell S. Peel


Most of western Oklahoma has received little or no moisture in the past two to three weeks advancing drought conditions once again. From the worst levels in early July, drought conditions in Oklahoma had generally improved until mid-September. In the past two weeks, the Drought Monitor map for Oklahoma shows conditions once again deteriorating. The Drought Monitor includes a Drought Severity & Coverage Index (DSCI), which provides an indication of how severe and widespread drought conditions are based on the Drought Monitor categories.

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Choose A Stock Trailer with Purpose and Due Diligence

Choose A Stock Trailer with Purpose and Due Diligence

Bruce Derksen

American Cattlemen

Just imagine waking up one morning, deciding you need a stock trailer, driving to the nearest lot with 300 trailers spread over 15 acres and before you can even get out of your truck, two slick suited salespeople are heading your way looking to take advantage.  Sounds like the opening scene in a horror movie to me.

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How to meet winter water challenges

How to meet winter water challenges

Heather Smith Thomas

Beef Producer

In cold climates, keeping livestock water ice-free can be frustrating but doable. Karl Hoppe, extension livestock specialist for North Dakota State University, says the easiest way to keep water warm enough is with an electric heating element, but that isn’t the complete answer. Many systems fail during extremely cold or prolonged cold weather, he says.

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How to fatten beef cattle

How to fatten beef cattle

New Vision

For most cattle-keepers, keeping cattle involves waiting through many years to earn something from their investments.  For example, the average cow takes five years to mature and this is after a period of investment. And yet, for those interested in selling cattle for beef, buying young bulls, fattening them, and then selling them off after between three and six months is good business.

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Cattle Slaughter Dynamics

Cattle Slaughter Dynamics

Derrell Peel


attle slaughter for the year-to-date through the week ending September 26, 2020, was down 3.6% year-over-year.  This includes a 4.2% decrease in steer and heifer slaughter; a 1.2% decrease in total cow slaughter; and a 3.7% decrease in bull slaughter so far this year.  Varying slaughter patterns across different cattle classes make it difficult to project where slaughter will end up as the year closes out.

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Breaking some ranching paradigms: Conundrum, indecision or great opportunity?

Breaking some ranching paradigms: Conundrum, indecision or great opportunity?

Burke Teichert

Beef Magazine

I think the biggest problem in our cattle industry today is “paradigm lockdown.” Habit is strong and change requires work (often mental work) and also can be frightening. Paradigm lockdown isn’t a problem of ranchers alone.

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