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Three Good Reasons to Cull Now

Three Good Reasons to Cull Now

Victoria Myers

Progressive Farmer

This is not a year to delay cull cow sales, for several reasons. Wesley Tucker, agricultural business specialist with University of Missouri Extension, says 2020 is an atypical season for the cull with prices holding into October.

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Researchers use new technology to target treatment

Researchers use new technology to target treatment

Laura Nelson

The Cattleman

It’s deadly. It’s costly. And we haven’t made significant progress in fighting its effects in nearly a half-century of battle.  “BRD is still the 800-pound gorilla in the room as far as disease and animal health in the feedlot is concerned,” West Texas A&M University animal scientist John T. Richeson says. Richeson is a member of the university’s Feedlot Research Group with a focus on the relationship of management, nutrition, physiological stress and immunomodulation — interventions aimed at modifying the immune response — on bovine respiratory disease, or BRD, in cattle.

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Finding a role in the science behind red meat production

Finding a role in the science behind red meat production

Piper Whelan

Canadian Cattlemen

When Haley Scott reflects on how she arrived at her current position in meat production research, it all makes sense. An opportunity to study at an agriculture program in New Zealand was just one of the experiences that led her to blend her background in cow-calf production and passion for science into a promising career.

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How to resist big blood-slurping flies

How to resist big blood-slurping flies

R. P. ‘Doc’ Cooke

Beef Producer

There are a lot of cattle in mid-America and the dollars their owners spend on health problems related to flies, ticks, mosquitoes, lice and other external feeders pay bunches of salaries and buy lots of new pickup trucks for folks who live in town.

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Legislation expands, strengthens local meat processing

Legislation expands, strengthens local meat processing

Jacqui Fatka


The pandemic has underscored the lack of resilience in the meat and poultry processing sectors, shining a new light on a long-standing problem. As a result, consumers have shown an increased interest in buying local products, including meat and poultry. Reps. Chellie Pingree (D., Maine) and Jeff Fortenberry (R., Neb.) introduced The Strengthening Local Processing Act, a comprehensive bill that addresses acute livestock supply chain issues and supports small meat and poultry processing plants.

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Senator Fischer Talks Cattle Market Transparency Act, HAULS Act

Senator Fischer Talks Cattle Market Transparency Act, HAULS Act

Katie James


Transparency in the cattle market has long been a sore point for producers, but as the COVID-19 pandemic put further strain on production capacity and pricing, it may have come to a head. U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, has recently  introduced the Cattle Market Transparency Act of 2020, driven by a number of issues harming the cattle markets.

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Grazing Corn Stalks or Corn Residue?

Grazing Corn Stalks or Corn Residue?

Brad Schick

University of Nebraska

Having corn stalks to graze is a great resource for livestock producers. For dry cows, it is a relatively inexpensive feed that can typically meet, or come very close to meeting nutritional needs. Grazing can also help get rid of corn remaining in the field and potentially reduce volunteer corn the following year. But are cattle really grazing stalks?

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Veterinarians, Students and Cattle Producers Encouraged to Take Survey

Veterinarians, Students and Cattle Producers Encouraged to Take Survey

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine faculty encourage veterinarians, veterinary students and cattle producers to participate in the Integrated Beef Cattle Program for Veterinarians Survey. Distributed at the beginning of September, survey data collected will help drive OSU’s Integrated Beef Cattle Program for Veterinarians.

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Economist reviews shocks to industry

Economist reviews shocks to industry

Western Livestock Journal

The beef cattle industry has already experienced three big “shocks” this year and the effects are ongoing, but have been blunted to some extent, according to a Kansas State (K-State) University agricultural economist.

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Beef cutout values back to normal

Beef cutout values back to normal

Nevil Speer

Beef Magazine

This week’s illustration provides a third look at the wholesale market, albeit from a different perspective. It details the relative contribution of middle meats (rib and loin) versus end meats (chuck and round) to the weekly Choice cutout.

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