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Johnson Introduces Sweeping Cattle Reform Bill

Johnson Introduces Sweeping Cattle Reform Bill

The Cattle Business Weekly

Today, U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson (R-S.D.) introduced the PRICE Act, a bill that will increase transparency in the cattle market, improve risk management, and support new and expanding meat processors. Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released the “Box Beef & Fed Cattle Price Spread Investigation Report, which identified a number of systemic issues in the cattle market. Johnson introduced the PRICE Act in response to the findings of this report.

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Feedlot dynamics continue

Feedlot dynamics continue

Derrell S. Peel


The September Cattle on Feed report was largely a replay of the August report with larger than expected placements pushing feedlot inventories higher. Feedlot placements in August were 109.1 percent of last year’s level, above the average pre-report estimate and at the upper end of analyst expectations. Marketings in August were 96.9 percent of year ago levels. However, with one less August business day this year compared to 2019, the average daily marketings were slightly higher than one year ago.

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Moving forward in a stagnant world

Moving forward in a stagnant world

Brett Spader

Angus Journal

You’ve likely already heard others share how the agriculture industry hasn’t stopped during these strange times, but have you found yourself wondering what your role as an Angus breeder is during a national pandemic? While it might seem like we’re staring into a black void of uncertainty, it is our duty as seedstock producers to focus on the future of our breed and our customers who create it.

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Why Are Some Ranchers Now Selling More Beef Directly To Consumers? It’s The Pandemic.

Why Are Some Ranchers Now Selling More Beef Directly To Consumers? It’s The Pandemic.

Michael Marks

Texas Standard

Around the end of March, Chris Swenson thought he had a problem with his Web site. Swenson is the head of Swenson ranches, a cattle operation in Elgin and Stamford that’s been in his family since 1882. It was started by his great-great-grandfather Svante Magnus Swenson, Texas’ first immigrant from Sweden.

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Judge Dismisses Packer Lawsuit

Judge Dismisses Packer Lawsuit

The antitrust class-action lawsuit alleging America’s largest beef packers conspired to fix cattle prices has been dismissed. Federal Judge John R. Tunheim of Minnesota’s U.S. District Court issued his ruling Monday and gave plaintiff’s 90 days to file an amended complaint. “Because plaintiffs have not pleaded their direct evidence with sufficient detail and because they have not pleaded parallel conduct sufficient to support an inference of a price-fixing conspiracy, the court will grant defendants’ motions to dismiss,” Judge Tunheim said in the order.
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Farmer finds scrap metal attached to corn stalks in Bay, Arenac counties

Farmer finds scrap metal attached to corn stalks in Bay, Arenac counties

Terry Camp


A bizarre case out of Bay County as investigators there believe someone sabotaged a cornfield in what could have been an attempt to injure or kill cows. “This is the first one for me, and I think the first in our area. It’s unknown why somebody would do something like this,” said Sgt. Don Duchene of the Bay County Sheriff’s Department. Investigators say a dairy farmer discovered pieces of metal attached to stalks of corn in three farm fields in Bay and Arenac counties. The metal was attached to the corn stalks with blue zip ties.

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Cow size not one size fits all

Cow size not one size fits all

Kylene Scott

High Plains Journal

Finding a balance between biological and economic efficiency within a cow-calf herd is tricky. The relationship often involves input costs and cattle prices, and a range of other objectives. Dustin Aherin, vice president, RaboResearch animal protein analyst, Rabo AgriFinance, discussed how cow size translates into profitability during his session, Sept. 9 at Cattle U, sponsored by High Plains Journal.

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Choosing cover crops for a fall grazing season

Choosing cover crops for a fall grazing season

S. Leanne Dillard and Kathy J. Soder

Progressive Forage

Brassicas are cool-season annual forages that can be utilized as pasture during the spring, summer and late fall grazing seasons when cool-season perennial pastures may not be as productive.

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Protect the future

Protect the future

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

“Twenty years from today, we may look back and proclaim the greatest paradigm shift was our ability to accept change and move from an industry that has been primarily a production-oriented business to one that is focused on not only providing a great product to consumers, but connects with consumers in a way that they also appreciate and understand that what we do is regenerative and sustainable,” explained Bill Rishel, during this year’s Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Research Symposium.

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Volatile Cattle Markets Call For More Diligent Disease Management

Volatile Cattle Markets Call For More Diligent Disease Management

Bovine Veterinarian

It’s no secret that every sector of the beef cattle industry has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. For stockers specifically, the impact is estimated at a loss of $159.98/head, which equates to $2.5 billion in damage to the entire sector. Volatile cattle prices and decreased margins make managing bovine respiratory disease (BRD) imperative to protecting the profitability of stocker operations.

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