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Darting BQA Problems

Darting BQA Problems

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin

‘I feel like a hypocrite, because I really don’t like the idea of using a dart gun to treat cattle with antibiotics. But, I admit that I sometimes use one,” says veterinarian Russ Rice. “We’ve sold dart guns to clients and demonstrated how to use them. In responsible hands, dart guns have their place, but I still don’t like them.”

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Capitalizing on Cow Costs: Part 2

Capitalizing on Cow Costs: Part 2

Olivia Amundson

South Dakota State University

Cull cows and bulls as well as calf death loss in the herd can play a significant role in profitability. Producers need to determine their profit margins and decide what options or areas of improvement need focus.

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Overall game plan called key to successful cattle ranch

Overall game plan called key to successful cattle ranch

William DeKay

The Western Producer

The breeding plan really sets the tone for what a cattle operation is, says Blake Balog. “I think that’s really an operation’s objective for herd management. It’s all about knowing who you are, what kind of operation you are, what unique micro-involved environment you deal with,” he said during a Rural Roots Virtual Ag Day earlier this summer.

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Red Angus Association of America to Host Virtual Convention

Red Angus Association of America to Host Virtual Convention

Red Angus Association of America

In lieu of the National Red Angus Convention, originally scheduled for Sept. 23-25 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Red Angus Association of America will be hosting  a virtual convention to provide members, producers and stakeholders with breed updates and insight into the Association’s year-end standing and future plans. Sessions for the virtual convention will feature the State of the Association, President’s Address, an economic outlook from Dr. Derrell Peel and many committee report updates. All sessions will become available on the Red Angus website on Sept. 21.

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Ten Ways USMEF is Promoting U.S. Beef Around the World

Ten Ways USMEF is Promoting U.S. Beef Around the World

The Beef Checkoff

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF), a subcontractor to the Beef Checkoff, strives to maximize market access, grow demand and increase U.S. beef value across the world. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of USMEF offices had to adapt their initial tactics and strategies to fit the new international marketplace. Despite the coronavirus situation, USMEF is continuing to encourage beef sales in key export markets and emphasize U.S. beef integrity.

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North Dakota rancher builds 4x stocking rate

North Dakota rancher builds 4x stocking rate

Loretta Sorensen

Beef Producer

It’s been a very productive 40 years since Gene Goven first implemented cross-fencing and managed grazing on the native prairie that comprises about 50% of his North Dakota ranch. It took six years to see the first tangible results of his efforts, then he watched his forage productivity increase by a whopping 430%. That meant he could increase his grazing from 55 cow-calf pairs to 150 to 170 pairs.

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The 115th National Western Stock Show postponed until January 2022

The 115th National Western Stock Show postponed until January 2022

Karen Woods

National Western Stock Show

The Western Stock Show Association (WSSA) Board of Directors together with the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) management, has made the difficult decision to postpone the 115th National Western Stock Show by one year and to resume the event in January 2022.

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Fall Good Time to Manage Some Pasture Weeds

Fall Good Time to Manage Some Pasture Weeds

Ellen Crawford


Fall is the best time to control some notorious weeds in pastures and other grasslands, according to North Dakota State University Extension specialists. “Leafy spurge and invasive thistles can be challenging to control in pasture and grasslands due to their extensive root systems,” says Miranda Meehan, Extension livestock environmental stewardship specialist. “In the fall, plants begin to allocate energy to their root systems. As a result, fall herbicide treatment maximizes injury to the root system.”

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Choosing The Right Cover Crop To Protect The Soil

Choosing The Right Cover Crop To Protect The Soil

Eric Hamilton


Farmers around the world are keen to protect their most important asset: their soil. The soil supports and enriches their crops. But the relatively thin layer of topsoil can readily wash away into streams, carrying unwanted nutrients with it.

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6 ways to prepare calves for fall markets

6 ways to prepare calves for fall markets

Jacques Fuselier

Progressive Cattle

Preconditioning programs can put more money in your pocket. Superior Livestock 2018 sales data demonstrates providing buyers with a signed certificate, especially one verified by your veterinarian, documenting the health history of your calves will result in a premium of $15 to $35 per head.

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