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Beef Producers Should Have A Biosecurity Plan

Beef Producers Should Have A Biosecurity Plan

Oklahoma farm Report

Dr. Rosslyn Biggs, OSU beef cattle extension specialist and College of Veterinary Medicine director, wants producers to develop and implement a biosecurity plan for their herd. The secure beef supply plan focuses on foot and mouth disease. In Oklahoma we have Dr. Hall, state veterinarian and his team working on a biosecurity plan based on the current national plan with some Oklahoma specifics, Biggs said. Biggs encouraged producers to start thinking about their own biosecurity plan.

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Extension specialists give insights on beef cattle nutrition.

Extension specialists give insights on beef cattle nutrition.

Madi Baughman

Angus Journal

Nutrition can be an intimidating topic in the beef cattle industry. With every producer having pastures and forages unique to their operation and a list of products that can be used for supplementation a mile long, figuring out what to feed cattle can be a frustrating and time-consuming topic.

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Contemporary Groups

Contemporary Groups

Merlyn Nielsen and Megan Rolf

Beef Improvement Federation

One of the most important aspects of an accurate genetic evaluation is proper contemporary grouping. Environment and management have a large effect on calf performance. When animals are exposed to variable environments or management practices (feed, pasture, shelter, vaccination, etc), it is impossible to determine if their differences in performance are due to genetics or environment. Selecting the highest performing animals in this situation is likely to result in selecting animals that had an advantageous environment.

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Barnard Beef Cattle Company is selling direct to consumers amidst pandemic

Barnard Beef Cattle Company is selling direct to consumers amidst pandemic

Cierra Shipley


Barnard Beef Cattle Company has been adapting daily to the pandemic. Between fluctuating beef prices and having enough cattle to sell, they started selling direct to consumers. Usually, Barnard Beef would sell wholesale, and they’re realizing with the pandemic prices it’s beneficial to just sell freezer beef to their customers.

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Preconditioning: Set Calves Up for Success

Preconditioning: Set Calves Up for Success


Building a strong immune system in calves begins at birth with the passive transfer of immunity through high-quality colostrum. Once weaning time comes around, calf stress can escalate as the animals are separated from their mothers, commingled and introduced to new feed. Health and performance are often compromised.

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Producers have Opportunities to Maximize Returns

Producers have Opportunities to Maximize Returns


The cattle business is filled with risks. However, for all the uncertainty there are an ample amount of opportunities available for those producers who manage their risks and plan accordingly. With so many external influencers in the cattle market such as the environment, the recession and a pandemic, it might seem daunting to plan for the future.

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Consumer financial strain affects beef markets

Consumer financial strain affects beef markets

Scott Brown

Beef Magazine

In the first eight months of 2020, three distinct periods have been observed in cattle and beef markets thanks to COVID-19. Understanding market dynamics within each of these periods is necessary before looking forward to potential industry outcomes for the rest of the year and into 2021.

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Peak performance important to cow-calf operations amid pandemic-induced price fluctuations

Peak performance important to cow-calf operations amid pandemic-induced price fluctuations

Agrilife Today

With the COVID-19 pandemic, cattle prices have been on a roller coaster. Now is a good time to analyze performance to make sure your operation is as efficient as possible, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialist.

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K-State beef experts offer advice for managing calves prior to weaning

K-State beef experts offer advice for managing calves prior to weaning

High Plains Journal

As college kids leave home for the first time, it is important that they transition with a plan that includes being current on immunizations, following good study habits, establishing self-control at the buffet counter and having financial support in place so they have the greatest chance for success in their new environment.

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Benchmarking beneficial in calving management

Benchmarking beneficial in calving management

Olivia Amundson

Lincoln Journal Star

Cows that calve on time are the No. 1 indicator that cattle within that operation fit the managerial program. This happens simply from timely reproduction. This year may provide an opportunity to define an operation’s bottom line through outlining the calving season.

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