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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 things city folks should understand about cattlemen pulling stock trailers

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 things city folks should understand about cattlemen pulling stock trailers


#10. Fully functional trailer lights are really more of a goal than a hard-and-fast rule.

#9. Physics demand that a shower of golden liquid striking a hard surface will splash onto the hood of any shiny car following too closely.

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Nutrition 101Extension specialists give insights on beef cattle nutrition

Nutrition 101Extension specialists give insights on beef cattle nutrition

Madi Baughman

Angus Journal

Nutrition can be an intimidating topic in the beef cattle industry. With every producer having pastures and forages unique to their operation and a list of products that can be used for supplementation a mile long, figuring out what to feed cattle can be a frustrating and time-consuming topic. To shed some light on the area, extension agents from across the United States offer their knowledge and insight.

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Questions and Misconceptions Surrounding Implants

Questions and Misconceptions Surrounding Implants

Warren Rusche

South Dakota State University

Growth promoting implants are among the most widely used technologies in the beef industry. The first implant received FDA approval in 1954 and now more than 90% of all beef cattle in feedlots are implanted prior to harvest. Yet in spite of that long history, there are still myths and misconceptions surrounding their use.

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Keeping an Eye on Body Condition in Fall Calving Cows

Keeping an Eye on Body Condition in Fall Calving Cows

Karla H. Wilke

University of Nebraska

With much of the eastern and western borders of Nebraska in a drought, producers with fall calving cows need to be especially mindful of body condition on fall calving cows. In Nebraska, most fall calving herds actually start calving sometime in August.

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TMR Mixers – Many Options to Fit Any Purpose.

TMR Mixers – Many Options to Fit Any Purpose.

Heather Smith Thomas.

American Cattlemen

The advantage of feeding a TMR (total mixed ration) diet is that each cow can consume the necessary level of nutrients in each bite.  The mixed ration should include good quality forages, a balance of grains and proteins, vitamins and minerals.  There are many different mixing strategies available and several companies that sell TMR mixers.

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The whys, hows and whens of a fall calving season

The whys, hows and whens of a fall calving season

Erika Lundy

Progressive Cattle

With pregnancy-check season just around the corner, now is a great time to reflect on how this year’s breeding season went. Open cows don’t make the farm profitable. While some females need a career change due to attitude, age, structure or poor performance, sometimes cows are open due to circumstances outside of their control.

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NM Judge Rejects COOL Lawsuit

NM Judge Rejects COOL Lawsuit

Greg Henderson


A New Mexico federal judge has permanently dismissed a pair of lawsuits against the Big 4 meat packers. The defendants are Tyson Foods, Inc., JBS USA, Cargill Meat Solutions and National Beef Packing Company.

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Feeder cattle premiums remain stout

Feeder cattle premiums remain stout

Nevil Speer

Beef Magazine

Video sales season surges on, as major sales over the past three weeks featured fall delivery calves from most regions and states. The continued optimism in the futures complex has caused prices to trend generally firmer compared to similar offerings earlier in the summer. Calves with long lists of valued-added program continued to return stout premiums compared to commodity calves.

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UVM researcher encourages use of woodchips to reduce winter pasture damage

UVM researcher encourages use of woodchips to reduce winter pasture damage

On the Farm Radio

Winter feeding of grazing cattle in cold, humid climates like the Northeast can lead to loss of soil, water quality degradation, and damage to pastures. With climate change resulting in muddier springs and falls, farmers are looking for solutions that are cost effective for protecting both environment and pastures. Joshua Faulkner, UVM Extension Research Assistant Professor and Farming and Climate Change Program Coordinator, offers an innovative option.

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Double crop: Double forage

Double crop: Double forage

Jason Hartschuh

Progressive Forage

Summer annuals in a double-crop system can return more dollars per acre, but not all summer annuals return the same value or yield. Many producers use summer annual forages for grazing and stored forage to either fill the summer slump or keep livestock fed through the winter. The spring of 2019 created many unique challenges with record winter kill in alfalfa and preventative plant acres in northwest Ohio. Many livestock producers in this area were concerned if they would have feed for winter when soils finally dried out enough to plant the last week of June.

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