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Today’s cattle producer needs to incorporate technology into their operation

Today’s cattle producer needs to incorporate technology into their operation

Megan Silveira

Angus Journal

There is no doubt the modern world is tech-savvy. From smartphones to an ever-growing dependence on social media, the average individual has several forms of technology they have incorporated into everyday life.

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Late Season Forage Harvest Management

Late Season Forage Harvest Management

Mark Sulc

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

The best time to take a last harvest of alfalfa and other legumes is sometime in early September in Ohio, for the least risk to the long-term health of the stand. These forages need a fall period of rest to replenish carbohydrate and protein reserves in the taproots that are used for winter survival and regrowth next spring.

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It’s Time to Start Thinking About Feed Testing

It’s Time to Start Thinking About Feed Testing

Rural Roots Canada

With cattle feed being swathed, harvested, or already in the silage bunk or bale now is the time to start thinking about testing feed. Although it is best to feed test as close as possible to the day the animal will be consuming it, testing now, as well as again closer to the time of feeding, can help you determine if supplemental feed will be needed and provide time to source it.

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5 strategies for silage success

5 strategies for silage success

Karen Lee

Progressive Forage

North American farmers can show impressive year-over-year gains in corn and alfalfa yields, but if silage isn’t managed correctly, it could just mean more and more feed loss each year. “When the good Lord blesses us with an extra 30% yield, maybe we should do something different with it, so we don’t waste this feed,” said Eric Dorr, silage specialist – North America, Chr. Hansen Animal Health & Nutrition.

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Manure scoring determines supplementation needs

Manure scoring determines supplementation needs

Robert Wells

The Noble Foundation

By October, winter is just a few pages away on the calendar. With the change in season and forages entering dormancy comes the need to pay closer attention to your supplementation strategy to ensure cows do not lose body condition.

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Salt: Why Your Cattle Need It

Salt: Why Your Cattle Need It

Kathy Mccune

Family Farm Livestock

Cattle need salt to balance changing potassium and magnesium levels in the forages they are eating and to help prevent bloat. In the spring, the grass will all of a sudden seem to jump out of the ground and start growing like crazy.

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Grocery sales could jump 27% after a second stimulus check, more likely to spend money on meat

Grocery sales could jump 27% after a second stimulus check, more likely to spend money on meat

Jeff Gelski

Banking Business

If Americans receive a second stimulus check from the US government, they would be more likely to spend the money on meat than on other food and beverages, according to a survey released Aug. 11 by Information Resources, Inc., a Chicago-based market research firm.

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Generational transfer of the R.A. Brown Ranch

Generational transfer of the R.A. Brown Ranch

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

R.A. “Rob” and Peggy Brown represent the fourth generation of a historic Texas ranching family—a family who first began ranching in the state right after the Civil War, and in 1903, moved the operation to its current headquarters in Throckmorton County.

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Rodney Lee Williams, Stockman, Leader Passes

Rodney Lee Williams, Stockman, Leader Passes

Powell Funeral Home

Rodney Lee Williams died August 21, 2020 with family by his side in Searcy Arkansas. A small family memorial service will be held on Friday, August 28, 2020 in Searcy, Arkansas.  Rodney loved the cattle and equine industry and was known for his excellence in showing and evaluating high quality seedstock. His showring career began when he was chosen as the Champion Beef Heifer Showman at the 1949 Iowa State Fair at the age of 14. Rodney exhibited champions at major livestock shows across the United States. Most knew him as a fun-loving friend that could tell a great story and make everyone laugh.

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Grassfed Beef Expectations for Fattening and Genetics

Grassfed Beef Expectations for Fattening and Genetics

Anibal Pordomingo

The Stockman Grass Farmer

Fattening cattle without grain is an artisan and difficult task. But some principles seem to hold in common. Fattening or finishing on pasture at a young animal age does not allow for the luxury of low gains and long periods. Marbling expectations shorten that luxury even more. A year-old animal can take forage restriction during backgrounding, speculating with compensatory growth later. But, the length of a restriction depends on the fattening ability later. Animals that reach “ready benchmark” of finishing should be harvested.

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