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Minerals Matter:  Impact on cow reproduction

Minerals Matter:  Impact on cow reproduction

B. Lynn Gordon

Beef Magazine

The female is the factory on the ranch. She is responsible for raising a calf year after year, but this is not possible if she isn’t in proper nutritional health. “The impact of mineral supplementation is as or even more substantial than energy and protein for proper reproductive health,” says Reinaldo Cooke, Texas A&M Beef Cattle Production Specialist. “Minerals have a huge impact on reproduction.”

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Linking vaccination and creep feeding practices

Linking vaccination and creep feeding practices

Bruce Derksen

Progressive Cattle

With many producers’ cows safely calved and the youngsters looking shiny, a natural question arises – what will keep them healthy and growing through the remainder of the hot summer? There is no “one-size-fits-all” plan, but it’s easier to send calves to pasture equipped with the necessary resources to fight against illness and strengthen their conditioning than to take shortcuts and hope for the best.

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Country of Origin Labeling

Country of Origin Labeling

Indiana Beef

There is a continued effort to spread fake news that claims the repeal of mCOOL (Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling) caused the fall of cattle prices in 2015 and would solve the market issues we face today. Mandatory COOL was a law for 6½ years. As you can see on the chart, the downturn started over a year before mCOOL was repealed. It’s also crucial to note that the government’s failed mCOOL program, ran afoul of the World Trade Organization.
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Silage Making:  4 fundamentals to get absolutely right

Silage Making:  4 fundamentals to get absolutely right

Jim Mattox

Progressive Forage

Making high-quality fermented forages for your animals is all about getting the fundamentals right. Abiding by this adage, “When you think you’re doing it right, you’re overestimating yourself,” is a good way to keep improving your forage quality and profitability – and avoid becoming complacent.

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Home on the range: Original purebred longhorn herd roams in Nebraska

Home on the range: Original purebred longhorn herd roams in Nebraska

Ruth Nicolaus

Lincoln Journal Star

One of the two last remaining purebred herds of Texas longhorns in the nation is at home in Nebraska. One hundred-fifty head live at Fort Robinson in the far northwestern corner of the state. The ancestors of the herd there traveled many miles before ending up in Nebraska. The cattle are descendants of 30 longhorns, handpicked in 1927 under the direction of the U.S. Forest Service, to keep the breed from extinction.

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Happy Hollow Ranch Is Raising Cattle From the Dirt Up

Happy Hollow Ranch Is Raising Cattle From the Dirt Up

Lauren Drewes Daniels

Dallas Observer

“As soon as we got married, I was like, ‘OK. What business are we going to start?’” Stefni said. (Just for reference, the young couple tied the knot just 90 days after their first date: They know what they want when they see it and go after it.)   Brandon always wanted to get back to this ranch that his grandfather, Chuck Howley, bought after retiring from the Dallas Cowboys.

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Peterson, Conaway ask USDA to Analyze Cattle and Beef Supply Chains

Peterson, Conaway ask USDA to Analyze Cattle and Beef Supply Chains

Oklahoma Farm Report
House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin C. Peterson of Minnesota and Ranking Member K. Michael Conaway of Texas sent a letter to U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue today, urging him to work with university policy research centers to analyze issues related to the cattle industry, especially in light of the recent and ongoing stress related to COVID-19.

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Profit Tracker: Feeding Margins Improve $100 Per Head

Profit Tracker: Feeding Margins Improve $100 Per Head

Greg Henderson

Drovers Journal

A rally in fed cattle prices helped erase $100 of red ink from feedyard closeouts the week ending August 8, leaving per head losses at $58, according to the Sterling Beef Profit Tracker. Negotiated cash cattle prices averaged $102.38 per cwt. on the week, about $3 higher than the previous week.

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Livestock Marketing

Livestock Marketing


Derrell Peel has an outlook for cattle markets as we move into the fall.

Beef and Pork Marketing Margins and Price Spreads during COVID-19

Beef and Pork Marketing Margins and Price Spreads during COVID-19

Jayson Lusk

Purdue University

“The controversy surrounding wholesale and farm-level price movements following a packing plant fire in Kansas was but mere prelude to the unprecedented COVID-19-related disruptions and historic rise in the spread between livestock and wholesale meat prices. Concerns about concentration and allegations of anticompetitive behavior have led to several civil suits and inquiries by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Justice, with increases in price differentials serving as a focal point.”

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