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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farmer vows

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farmer vows


#10. Abstain from chasing the neighbor’s mongrel bull out of your pasture with your pickup when you’re over-caffeinated.

#9. Refrain from insulting the guy at the parts counter during harvest.

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Supplementing to Stretch Pastures

Supplementing to Stretch Pastures

Jeff Lehmkuhler,

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Drought continues to impact the high plains area stretching down to the pan handle of Texas. The dry conditions will continue to impact pastures potentially lowering beef cattle numbers at year’s end. The recent high temperatures and limited rain will dry out pastures and limit forage regrowth on recently cut hay fields here in the Commonwealth.

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Remote Control Grazing Management

Remote Control Grazing Management

Justin Sexten


Farming and ranching simulators can be found on the digital devices of kids and adults across the country. Some suggest these games have led to a consumer’s view that food pops out of the ground and can be harvested with a swipe of the finger.

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Help cattle cope with summer heat

Help cattle cope with summer heat

Prairie Farmer

Hot temperatures are a reminder of the need to prepare cattle for heat stress events this summer. Some cows still hadn’t slicked off their haircoat in June before they were turned out to graze on grass due to the cool spring and may take a little longer to adapt to heat.

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Grazing Using Perennial Grasses Can Have Positive Effect on Soil

Grazing Using Perennial Grasses Can Have Positive Effect on Soil

Russ Quinn


With soil health awareness becoming more important to some, farmers can successfully integrate livestock into existing grain operations by restoring native species of grasses. Livestock can keep nutrients on the land while utilizing full-season forage crops and cover crops, as well as perennials, in pasture rotations.

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A true Grand Champion

A true Grand Champion

Melissa Nichols

Progressive Cattleman

Case Beken, a 14-year-old boy from Weimer, Texas, grew up blind after battling a brain tumor as a toddler but never let his lack of sight hold him back, learning how to hunt and fish and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Large-scale, Vertically Integrated Beef Industry Not Likely!

Large-scale, Vertically Integrated Beef Industry Not Likely!

John Nalivka


Vertically integrate the beef industry – that’s an interesting topic and one that has come up more than once.  Before I go any further with my thoughts, I will say that it won’t happen and it shouldn’t happen.  You might say that is a pretty strong statement.

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Manage The Fallout In The Feedlot

Manage The Fallout In The Feedlot

Bovine Veterinarian

Dave McClellan

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every entity in the world, and the cattle industry is not immune. My comments will be focused on problems and issues the feedlots are dealing with relating to market-ready cattle still in the pen three to five weeks past their normal harvest window.

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Minimal Investment Keeps Cattle Performing Year-Round

Minimal Investment Keeps Cattle Performing Year-Round


Environmental factors, input costs and other outside factors wreak havoc on production costs while market volatility remains unpredictable. Yet, for less than a nickel per cow, per day, you can make the investment to keep your cattle healthy and performing.

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Purdue team gets $1 million to develop rapid sensor technology for cattle disease

Purdue team gets $1 million to develop rapid sensor technology for cattle disease

Purdue University

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD), one of the most prevalent and costly illnesses in the beef and dairy industries, accounts for about half of all feedlot deaths in North America and costs producers as much as $900 million a year. Quickly diagnosing the illness could improve the well-being of animals and save producers significant money. Current tests don’t offer results for four or more days.

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