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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs a farmer is weather-obsessed

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs a farmer is weather-obsessed


#10. He’s thinking about buying his own groundhog.

#9. He is an absolute connoisseur of rain gauges.

#8. He has 23 different weather apps on his phone.

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Cull Cow Market Dynamics

Cull Cow Market Dynamics

Josh Maples

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

No segment of the cattle industry has been spared from the uncertainty and turmoil driven by COVID-19. However, the dynamics for the slaughter cow market have been a little different than those for the live cattle coming from feedlots that have garnered the most discussion due to plant disruptions.

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Pinkeye in Cattle

Pinkeye in Cattle

Brent Plugge, Brian Vander Ley

University of Nebraska

Driving or riding through a pen or pasture of cattle is a favorite chore for many producers.  Making sure our cattle have plenty of clean water, access to feed or forage and monitoring herd health are important aspects of daily care.  When examining cattle, one important disease not to overlook is pinkeye.  Pinkeye is a highly contagious infectious disease that not only affects cattle in Nebraska but worldwide.

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Should RFID tags be industry standard?

Should RFID tags be industry standard?

Prairie Farmer

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is seeking public comment on a proposal where APHIS would only approve Radio Frequency Identification as the official eartag for use in interstate movement of cattle that are required to be identified by the traceability regulations.

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Salmonella Dublin Makes Inroads In The Beef Industry

Salmonella Dublin Makes Inroads In The Beef Industry

Rhonda Brooks


Salmonella Dublin (S. Dublin) issues tend to garner more headlines today in the dairy industry than in beef, but it’s still an issue in the latter, says Jackson McReynolds. The first reported incidence of S. Dublin in beef that McReynolds says he found recorded in literature was in California in 2014, though veterinarians have told him they identified cases of it as early as the 1960s.

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Summertime water requirements for the cow herd

Summertime water requirements for the cow herd

Glenn Selk

Feedlot Magazine

During hot summer months, the water needed for a cow herd often determines several other management decisions.  To best assess the adequacy of water quantities in surface water or from wells or “rural water” supplies, it first is necessary to have an idea of the amount needed for cattle of different sizes and stages of production that you may have during the summer on the ranch.

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Rising US COVID-19 Cases Push Shows Closed

Rising US COVID-19 Cases Push Shows Closed

Russ Quinn


Two of the largest outdoor farm shows in the United States will not happen this year for the first time ever. The Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days are both canceled in 2020 due to rapidly changing conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Farm Progress news release on June 29. Listing of Show and Fair closings at bottom of page.

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Pandemic has changed consumer buying habits, raised awareness of supply chain.

Pandemic has changed consumer buying habits, raised awareness of supply chain.

Lisa Moser

Angus Beef Bulletin

In what can feel like a sea of adversity, there are reasons for optimism in the food industry during the global pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. “With COVID-19, there are so many unfortunate things that have happened, but one bright spot is that there is really an awareness now of the importance of not wasting food, and a new understanding of the complexity of the food chain,” said Jeanette Thurston, director of the Kansas State University Food Science Institute.

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Fertagyl Gets Expanded Indications For Use In Beef Cattle

Fertagyl Gets Expanded Indications For Use In Beef Cattle


Fertagyl (gonadorelin) is now approved for use with closprostenol sodium to synchronize estrous cycles to allow for fixed timed artificial insemination (FTAI) in beef cows. Already approved for use with estrumate (cloprostenol injection) to synchronize estrous cycles to allow for FTAI in lactating dairy cows, the new label indication enables beef veterinarians and producers to use the two products on-label in their breeding program.

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Tips for managing cows through dry conditions

Tips for managing cows through dry conditions

Karla Wilke

Beef Magazine

Hot, dry conditions in early summer have taken a toll on grass growth in much of the Great Plains this year. There are several options cattle producers may want to consider to conserve grass in these dry areas. Every producer should have a drought plan that includes trigger dates and a culling strategy, but once those top cuts are made, what feeding options are there for the core herd?

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