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It could only happen to a cowboy. Thurman had established himself as a figure of some note in the Corriente Association.

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Creep Feeding Calves

Creep Feeding Calves

Steve Niemeyer, Travis Mulliniks

University of Nebraska

Keeping a tight grip on feed costs is a priority for every beef producer. Creep feeding calves can be a good return on investments in certain situations. Maintaining the calf’s efficiency at an early age is becoming much more critical with modern market requirements. The gross income of the cow/calf enterprises is partially dependent on the weaning weight of the calves.

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The Process of Artificially Inseminating a Cow

The Process of Artificially Inseminating a Cow

Clif Little

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

What are some logical steps in utilizing artificial insemination (AI) on the farm?  We will assume cows and heifers are good candidates for a synchronization program.  However, months prior to AI implementation review the desired cow and heifer physiological condition and factors that influence response to AI.

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Tips for managing cows through dry conditions

Tips for managing cows through dry conditions

Karla Wilke

Beef Magazine

Hot, dry conditions in early summer have taken a toll on grass growth in much of the Great Plains this year. There are several options cattle producers may want to consider to conserve grass in these dry areas.

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Challenging road ahead for U.S. beef exports

Challenging road ahead for U.S. beef exports

Scott Brown

Prairie Farmer

There have been many factors affecting beef and cattle markets recently, making it difficult to track how individual components of the supply and demand situation are affecting prices.

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3 Things to Consider When You Haul Livestock this Summer

3 Things to Consider When You Haul Livestock this Summer

Shelia Grobosky


Young livestock exhibitors spend countless hours, days and weeks getting their livestock “dialed in” for summer shows. This year, due to COVID-19, they’ve had a little extra time to work with their animals since numerous late spring shows have been canceled.

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Agents seize almost 10 tons of meat from China

Agents seize almost 10 tons of meat from China

Successful Farming

Officials with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) intercepted 19,555 pounds of prohibited pork, chicken, beef, and duck products arriving from China at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach (photo courtesy of CBP).

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Purdue offers online workshops for agribusiness professionals

Purdue offers online workshops for agribusiness professionals

Scott Downey

Feedlot Magazine

Purdue University’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business will offer multiple online professional development courses and programs for food and agribusiness professionals through October 2020.

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Proposed legislation would improve processing capacity

Proposed legislation would improve processing capacity

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Ag News

Recently introduced legislation would improve the nation’s meat processing capacity.  A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced the RAMP UP Act last week which would authorize federal grants up to $100,000 for existing meat processors to become federally inspected.

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Anaplasmosis Management Takes a Team Approach

Anaplasmosis Management Takes a Team Approach

Dr. Ken McMillan


A cow herd may show no signs of anaplasmosis, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t carriers.

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