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Baxter Black:  Cottonwood Silk In The Air

Baxter Black:  Cottonwood Silk In The Air

Many years ago this month, I was invited to the 75th Annual Southwestern Saskatchewan Sheep and Woolgrowers/Stockdog Trials in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.

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For beef families, July 4 is more than just fireworks

For beef families, July 4 is more than just fireworks

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

“I run my hand along the stock, and the wood is warm to the touch.” So began a short essay I wrote many years ago paying tribute to an old Winchester 30-30 that has been part of my family history for three generations. The Model 94 was manufactured in 1907 by craftsmen who knew their trade and did it well, testament to the fact that it stands at the ready now just as it has for more than 100 years.

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Male Reproductive Traits and Their Heritabilities in Beef Cattle

Male Reproductive Traits and Their Heritabilities in Beef Cattle

  1. M. Cammack M. G. Thomas and R. M. Enns

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Measures of fertility need to be considered not only in the female, but also in the male. Natural service has historically been, and continues to be, used in most beef cattle operations; therefore, acceptable bull fertility is critical to the success of these operations.

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Spot Top Replacements Using the Calendar

Spot Top Replacements Using the Calendar

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

For producers with years of experience, picking replacement heifers may seem to come naturally. It’s not all about the looks, though, says Ryon Walker in a report from the Noble Research Institute out of Ardmore, Oklahoma.

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Do Cows Have Best Friends? How Cattle Bond

Do Cows Have Best Friends? How Cattle Bond

Liam Pritchett

Live Kindly

Cattle—cows and bulls—are extremely diverse animals with a multitude of traits informed by personality, environment, and experience. In general, cows are considered to be intelligent animals who interact with each other in a socially complex manner. They play, form bonds with others—including cattle, humans, and other animals—mourn deaths, and even hold grudges. But how smart are cows? And do they have best friends?

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Racial Equity in Agribusiness with Bryana Clover

Racial Equity in Agribusiness with Bryana Clover

Future of Agriculture

“I truly believe that our future depends on us bringing that lens into our diversity inclusion initiatives and really better understanding what we can do as organizations to create inclusive environments for black people and people of color.”

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Heat stress can put quash reproductive performance

Heat stress can put quash reproductive performance

Heather Smith Thomas

Beef Magazine

Hot weather is not the best time to breed cows because it can affect reproductive performance. But there’s more to it than that. Large animals and those carrying a lot of condition have more trouble dissipating heat than smaller, leaner animals, so heat stress is often a bigger problem in feedlots than in pastured cattle, but excessive heat can also adversely affect reproduction rates in cow-calf operations.

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Iowa Cattlemen’s Association requests Senate Agriculture Committee hearing

Iowa Cattlemen’s Association requests Senate Agriculture Committee hearing

Denison Bulletin Review

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) continues efforts to reform cattle marketing, echoing Sen. Chuck Grassley’s request for a Senate Agriculture Committee hearing regarding the issue. “For years, ICA leaders and members have worked towards solutions to level the playing field and bring producers more leverage in the fed cattle markets,” said Cora Fox, ICA’s director of government relations.

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How Imports Add Value To American Beef

How Imports Add Value To American Beef

Greg Henderson


The U.S. beef industry is often considered the gold standard, and the past decade has seen exceptional growth in exports, with the past two years producing total revenues in excess of $8 billion per year. That ads $320 to the value of every U.S. fed steer and heifer.

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Silage for Beef Cattle webinar series offered

Silage for Beef Cattle webinar series offered

The Globe

Nebraska Extension, Lallemand Animal Nutrition and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach are hosting the third Silage for Beef Cattle Conference, with one major change. This year, the event will be a series of four, hour-long free webinars from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. on July 7, 14, 28 and Aug. 4.

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