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Baxter Black:  Tolerance

Baxter Black:  Tolerance

When our opinions get as immovable as a granite outhouse, God has a way of shaking the foundation.

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Gene-Editing in Animal Agriculture Task Force Established

Gene-Editing in Animal Agriculture Task Force Established


The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) and the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) today announced the creation of a Gene Editing Task Force.  Recognizing the potential for gene editing to increase food security and safety, the 11-person panel is comprised of scientists and industry leaders who will map out recommendations for regulating this emerging genomic technology in animal agriculture with appropriate safeguards and procedures.

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Evaluate body condition going into breeding season

Evaluate body condition going into breeding season

Ashley Olson

Wisconsin State Farmer

The green grass, sun, and cattle on pasture are signs that summer is in full swing and that breeding season is just around the corner for many commercial cow-calf operations. There are various factors to consider for having a successful breeding season and one of those factors is cow’s body condition

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2020 Silage Beef Webinar Series Begins July 7

2020 Silage Beef Webinar Series Begins July 7

Iowa Beef Center

Building on the success of previous cooperatively offered one-day silage conferences, Iowa Beef Center, University of Nebraska—Lincoln and Lallemand Animal Nutrition planned a similar opportunity for this summer. And while the high caliber and quality of topics and speakers continues, the delivery method is different. The event is now a four-part webinar series, each with a specific topic and speaker.

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K-State plans webinar for beef producers

K-State plans webinar for beef producers

Kansas State University

Registration is now open for a webinar that will help Kansas beef cattle producers prepare to manage and reduce the impacts of drought and reduced forage availability on cow herds.

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Grazing livestock on cover crops improves soil health and quality of life

Grazing livestock on cover crops improves soil health and quality of life

Lura Roti

Ag Journal Online

The 2016 drought forced Shawn Freeland to make a difficult decision. “I sold two-thirds of our replacement heifers. It was the hardest thing to do because we had put a tremendous amount of work into their genetics,” says the 45-year-old Caputa, S.D., rancher.

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Is mob grazing worth it on a small farm? pros & cons

Is mob grazing worth it on a small farm? pros & cons

Just a Few Acres Farm


Three weeks ago we started mob grazing our herd of 35 Dexter beef cattle on our small farm. While it’s too early to understand the full effects of mob grazing, we’ve seen some immediate changes in our pastures and herd behavior. Is mob grazing worth the extra effort and what are its implications for a small farm like ours? Join me as I discuss the pros & cons of mob grazing!

Not all meat is the same

Not all meat is the same

Joe Paschal

Victoria Advocate

One thing that the pandemic has done is to reassure the animal protein providers that they have loyal and devoted customers. Early and brief shortages of eggs, milk, bacon, and briskets made those of us involved in producing those food items realize that our customers love animal proteins for their taste, price and convenience of purchasing and preparing.

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Adding slaughterhouses seen crucial but process isn’t easy

Adding slaughterhouses seen crucial but process isn’t easy


Arkansas Democrat and Gazette

When coronavirus outbreaks forced shutdowns at America’s giant meat plants, a bottleneck quickly was created: Farmers had nowhere to sell their animals, while consumers faced shortages and surging prices. New, smaller slaughterhouses could be the antidote to industry concentration, but it’s no quick fix.

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U.S. Beef Industry Blasted For ‘Overuse’ Of Antibiotics In New Report

U.S. Beef Industry Blasted For ‘Overuse’ Of Antibiotics In New Report

Plant Based News

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

A new report has blasted the U.S. beef industry for its ‘overuse’ of antibiotics. Written by David Willinga, M.D from the Natural Resources Defense Council, the report describes antibiotic resistance as ‘one of the gravest threats to our health’.

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