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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 specialists employed by the modern farmer

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 specialists employed by the modern farmer


#10. Stalk Broker: The purveyor of environmentally tailored seed genetics and darn nice caps.


#9. Semen First Class: Strategist for genetic advancement who, after the fifth open cow, can answer the question, “You did get those bulls semen checked, didn’t you?”

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Baxter Black: The Missing Link

Baxter Black: The Missing Link

It arched across the cloudless sky like someone throwin’ chum

But they weren’t fishin’, no my friends, the object was a thumb

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CFAP Program for Beef Producers

CFAP Program for Beef Producers

David Marrison

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Since the beginning of January, market prices for major commodities have fallen sharply since COVID-19 reached the United States.  There have been many efforts through federal and state legislation to offset the impact of COVID-19.

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Crisis Reinforces a ‘Doing Things Right’ Philosophy

Crisis Reinforces a ‘Doing Things Right’ Philosophy

American Hereford Association

Bruce Derksen

Bob and Jami Goble with their sons Max, Grant and Nolan of Ridgeview Farm, Alto, Mich., consistently try to do things the right way for their purebred and commercial cattle. They treat them right, feed them right and are confident this philosophy will take care of their family right. The Gobles raise purebred Herefords and breed some of their bulls with Black Angus cows to produce baldy cattle.

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Two Negatives Make a Positive

Two Negatives Make a Positive

Becky Mills

Angus Beef Business

More than likely, you wince at preg-check time when you hear the dreaded “O” word. Plus, you’re probably not too proud of your Kentucky 31 (KY-31) fescue pastures, especially in the summer when the toxic endophyte in the forage wreaks havoc on a cow’s ability to cool herself.

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Meatpacking Workers Often Absent After Trump Order To Reopen

Meatpacking Workers Often Absent After Trump Order To Reopen


More than a dozen meatpacking workers, union leaders and advocates told Reuters that many employees still fear getting sick after losing confidence in management during coronavirus outbreaks in April and May. Absenteeism varies by plant, and exact data is not available, but some workers’ unwillingness to return poses a challenge to an industry still struggling to restore normal meat output.

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Precautions for Grazing Weevil-Infested Alfalfa

Precautions for Grazing Weevil-Infested Alfalfa

Adele Hartley

South Dakota State University

Alfalfa weevil populations are high this year, creating challenges for producers. In some instances, the economic threshold has been surpassed and the value of the forage has decreased, especially when the window for utilizing insecticide has passed.

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Senate Receives Letter from 48 Livestock and Natural Resource Groups Opposing the Great American Outdoors Act

Senate Receives Letter from 48 Livestock and Natural Resource Groups Opposing the Great American Outdoors Act

Feedlot Magazine

The GAO Act as written creates more than $14 billion in new, mandatory spending and gives federal agencies free rein to spend $360 million per year solely to acquire new private land without any oversight from Congress. This raises concern among the 48 livestock and natural resource groups who signed the joint letter, as the groups point out the blatant conflict by pairing the mounting disrepair of current land under federal control and allowing rampant acquisition without accounting for management of future land acquisitions.

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Futures need to reflect reality

Futures need to reflect reality

Jerry Nine

High Plains Journal

What is the purpose of having cattle futures that are so out of touch with reality? I still say we should be trading Choice beef instead of live cattle. Then we should make the grocery chains or buyers of beef agree to buy accordingly or off the futures.

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Sign up available for virtual Feedlot Short Course starting July 16

Sign up available for virtual Feedlot Short Course starting July 16

Aberdeen News

SDSU Extension will be hosting a seven-week virtual Feedlot Short Course beginning on July 16. The program is scheduled to run each Thursday from July 16 through August 27, at 12:30 p.m. CDT. “Rather than contend with the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 and hosting in-person events, this year we are holding the event as a Zoom webinar. While we do lose the face-to-face interaction, this format allows for a larger number of participants and gives them the opportunity to participate without taking as much time away from their operations,” said Warren Rusche, SDSU Extension beef feedlot management associate.

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