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Six Ways to Get Nature’s Help in Your Cattle Operation.

Six Ways to Get Nature’s Help in Your Cattle Operation.

R. P. ‘Doc’ Cooke

Beef Producer

I sometimes get so caught up trying to make it through a day that I allow the natural model to temporarily escape my mind. It is a good idea to not leave important thought processes or the Creator’s principles and intentions. He plays his cards last.

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Seeing under the skin: Ultrasound scanning adds value to the herd

Seeing under the skin: Ultrasound scanning adds value to the herd

Michael Cox

Beef Magazine

Part of being a good stockman is having a “good eye” for picking out the best animal from a string. Along with EPD figures, selecting breeding animals based on their “look” and how they stand, walk, graze, etc. is an important part of a good stockman’s selection criteria.

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Cow-Calf Corner – Utilizing Both Breeding Seasons

Cow-Calf Corner – Utilizing Both Breeding Seasons

Glenn Selk explains the pros and the cons of fall and spring calving seasons in Oklahoma.

Fermenting for Forages: Finding the Right Moisture

Fermenting for Forages: Finding the Right Moisture

Ben Beckman, Brad Schick

University of Nebraska

Developing cattle rations without distillers products to provide moisture and protein is an issue on many producers’ minds.  One option this summer is to cut fall planted rye or spring oats, wheat, triticale, or barley for silage.   Small grain silage can add moisture and some protein to rations and help fill the gap before corn silage is ready to harvest this fall.

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2020 Illinois and DuQuoin State Fairs cancelled

2020 Illinois and DuQuoin State Fairs cancelled

Rhiannon Branch

Brownfield AG Network

The 2020 Illinois State Fair and DuQuoin State Fair have been cancelled due to risks posed by COVID-19.  Governor JB Pritzker says cancelling was a difficult decision, but the right one based on guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health and other experts.  Illinois Director of Agriculture Jerry Costello tells Brownfield IDOA will host a Junior Livestock Expo in Springfield in September for Illinois exhibitors ages 8-21 to show their animals.

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Hayden Timmons, Voice Of North American, Passes

Hayden Timmons, Voice Of North American, Passes

Louisville Courier Journal

Hayden Timmons, age 93, passed away on June 4th, 2020 at his home in La Grange, Kentucky. He was a native of Slaughters, Kentucky and the son of Houston and Opal Timmons.  Hayden continued to use his broadcasting skills by serving as emcee and announcer for many events across the state of Kentucky. He proudly served as the ring announcer for the North American International Livestock Exposition for over 30 years.

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Get your stockers prepared for turnout.

Get your stockers prepared for turnout.

Shelia Grobosky


Stocker calves can be a good investment and are a great source of converting available forage into protein. However, those producers who plan to manage stockers need to be prepared with good health, nutrition and vaccination protocols in place before the first calf steps off the truck.

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Butchers, Cattle Farmers Meet Demand for Meat

Butchers, Cattle Farmers Meet Demand for Meat

Lisa Solley

Business Journal Daily

A national meat shortage and higher prices drove many consumers to search for alternatives. While many small businesses furloughed employees and are struggling for survival, local butcher shops and area farmers saw steady increases in customers.

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Alternative feedstuffs provide solutions for loss of DDGs

Alternative feedstuffs provide solutions for loss of DDGs

Kylene Scott

High Plains Journal

Dry distillers grains have been hard to come by as ethanol plants slow production due to coronavirus. Many cattle producers are trying to identify alternative ingredients for their feed rations to replace this co-product they’ve come to rely on.

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Ranchers see boon in direct sales

Ranchers see boon in direct sales

Cinthia Stimson, Douglas Budget


The meat cases at Douglas Grocery and Safeway are a little less bare in the days following the more stringent pandemic restrictions, but early on meat was in short supply. Unless you’re lucky enough to be standing there as the latest shipment arrives, you may have found yourself out of luck or been shell-shocked at the price.

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