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Delivery Issues are a Bad Start

Delivery Issues are a Bad Start

Dr. Ken McMillan


Contracted tendons can occur when a large, developing calf’s legs don’t have room to move and stay flexed in the last weeks of gestation. Large calves are also more likely to have difficulty being born. Both the amount of pressure and the length of time that pressure exists on those legs can damage nerves in the calf’s legs, which can lead to paralysis. Those nerves can also be damaged if the calf had to be pulled, especially if OB chains and a calf jack are used improperly, or a vehicle or tractor was used to pull the calf.

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Online auctions an option for some amid fair closings

Online auctions an option for some amid fair closings

Lisa Foust Prater

Successful Farming

In California, several county fairs and the state fair have been canceled because of COVID-19. Emily Wilson, 17, of Dixon, California, has been showing poultry for six years and was looking forward to showing two lambs and a herd of dairy goats this summer.

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CFAP Program for Beef Producers

CFAP Program for Beef Producers

David Marrison

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Since the beginning of January, market prices for major commodities have fallen sharply since COVID-19 reached the United States.  There have been many efforts through federal and state legislation to offset the impact of COVID-19.

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Monitor Cressleaf Groundsel and plan for control

Monitor Cressleaf Groundsel and plan for control


Akron Beacon Journal

Cressleaf Groundsel is a toxic plant that has become much more common in both agronomic row crop as well as hay fields over the past several years. The concern is for those forage fields that have recently been baled or chopped for ensiling and that contained significant patches of this weed in the field or uniformly scattered through the field to compose 5% or greater of total forage dry matter.

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Vaccine reduces mycoplasma and calf mortality

Vaccine reduces mycoplasma and calf mortality

The Cattle Site

According to Graeme Fowlie, director at Meadow Vets, mycoplasma bovis is a common cause of pneumonia in calves, and can also cause mastitis, arthritis and otitis in older animals. Given that the disease cannot be treated by many common antibiotics, prevention is much better than cure – and with a multi-factorial disease like Mycoplasma bovis it’s important to adopt a multi-pronged approach to tackle it.

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Mills Presented BIF Ambassador Award

Mills Presented BIF Ambassador Award


The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) presented Becky Mills, Cuthbert, Georgia, the BIF Ambassador Award June 8 during the group’s annual meeting and symposium online. This award is presented annually by BIF to a member of the media for his or her efforts in spreading the news of BIF and its principles to a larger audience.

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Nails, insulation, baling wire pose potential cattle health risk

Nails, insulation, baling wire pose potential cattle health risk

Donald Stotts

Beef Magazine

Cattle will eat just about anything that looks interesting in the pasture, so following strong wind-weather events, producers are encouraged to remove debris from their pastures, said Oklahoma State University experts.

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Bennett Presented BIF Pioneer Award

Bennett Presented BIF Pioneer Award


The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) presented Paul Bennett, Red House, Virginia, the BIF Pioneer Award June 9 during the group’s annual research symposium online. Shane Bedwell, American Hereford Association chief operating officer and director of breed improvement, presented the award.

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Packer capacity back to normal as beef market searches for solid ground

Packer capacity back to normal as beef market searches for solid ground

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

Last Sunday evening, I ventured to the grocery store to buy some steaks to christen the new grill I bought earlier that afternoon. Based on a sample size of one, it appears the beef marketing complex is still in a state of flux. I bought three of the last five steaks in the store.

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Class action lawsuit filed against beef packers

Class action lawsuit filed against beef packers

Jacqui Fatka


The nation’s four largest beef packers – Tyson, Cargill, JBS USA and National Beef – are again in the spotlight for potential cattle market manipulation as a class action lawsuit has been filed in the U.S. District Court of Minnesota by Central Grocers.

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