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Baxter Black: Hind Speak

Baxter Black:  Hind Speak

“Hey buddy, maybe you’ll rope better after your horse foals. Ha ha!”

“Thanks, pal. I had a horse like yours once. But his brain was so small his head caved in and he bit his own ears off! Look it’s starting in yours… see that indention.”

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Udder Quality is Important

Udder Quality is Important

Dr. Ken McMillan


A cow’s udder is an amazing structure. At the end of the teat is a complex structure called the “street canal,” a one-way valve that releases milk to the calf but keeps infectious organisms out. A large metal teat needle, as you describe, can introduce infectious organisms into the teat and udder. It can also temporarily or permanently damage the street canal, making the udder vulnerable to infections.

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Robots in meat processing plants

Robots in meat processing plants

Brownfield Ag News

Amie Simpson

Are robotics in meat processing plants a good alternative as the coronavirus pandemic has caused slowdowns at plants? Ty Lawrence, a professor of animal and meat science at West Texas A&M University, says it’s not that simple.  He says opportunities for automation in beef processing are minimal at this point because of the unique nature of each animal.

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Natural Service vs Artificial Insemination

Natural Service vs Artificial Insemination

Clif Little

Evaluating the cost of artificial insemination (AI) versus natural service in beef cattle is difficult since there are a great number of variables to consider.  A simple search of the Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle online resources reveals the many different kinds of comparisons that have been done, (https://beefrepro.unl.edu/).

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BIF announces seedstock, commercial award finalists

BIF announces seedstock, commercial award finalists

Angie Denton

Beef Magazine

The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) has, since its inception, worked tirelessly on behalf of beef producers to help them improve the genetic quality of their cattle. Without a doubt, BIF has played a critical role in that accomplishment.

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Creating your ideal forage system

Creating your ideal forage system

Mayzie Purviance

Progressive Cattle

Of the many working pieces to running a successful cattle operation, one cog in the machine must be top-notch in order to achieve a natural ebb and flow: quality grass.

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California beef producers continue Resilience 2020 campaign

California beef producers continue Resilience 2020 campaign

Beef Magazine

If there’s one characteristic that unites beef producers, it’s resilience. In a business with as many uncertainties as beef production, with as many variables that are beyond a producer’s control, resilience is more than just a characteristic—it is essential for survival. That’s especially true now.

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Gut Health in Cattle

Gut Health in Cattle

Nathan Briggs
Pennsylvania State University

Gut health refers to how well nutrients from feed are absorbed and how well pathogens are contained within the digestive tract. Every portion of the digestive tract needs to have a secured barrier to keep microbes inside the tract.

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USDA Clarifies Cattle Categories in CFAP Program

USDA Clarifies Cattle Categories in CFAP Program

Anna-Lisa Laca


There have been a lot of questions about where specific groups of cattle fit into the categories outlined in the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. USDA released some clarification as to where cattle fit in each category.

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Humility and gratefulness define 2019-20 BIF President Tommy Clark.

Humility and gratefulness define 2019-20 BIF President Tommy Clark.

Beef Improvement Federation

With a sincere passion for the improvement of cattle, Tommy Clark describes himself as a beef enthusiast to the bone. The Culpeper, Virginia, native owns a herd of about 130 cow-calf pairs between the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the nation’s capital. The herd is primarily purebred Angus, but also consists of some Charolais and commercial cows.

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