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Baxter Black:  Team Roping Handicap


The sport (passion, or affliction) of team roping experienced a terrific boom in popularity years ago with the creation of an association called United States Team Roping Championships (USTRC).

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This ranching family has created water hubs in their pastures to support rotational grazing

This ranching family has created water hubs in their pastures to support rotational grazing

Bruce Derksen

Canadian Cattlemen

For Perry Dyck, owner and operator of Triangle D Land and Cattle Ltd. of Hanley, Sask., the two separated items were water and cattle. The locations of his water sources were impractical for his growing herd, so he decided something needed to be done to support the ranching operation of just under 350 cow-calf pairs and matching number of yearlings.

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Are cow-calf pairs selling too high?

Are cow-calf pairs selling too high?

Doug Ferguson

Beef Producer

It’s getting dry in my area. It’s hard to believe that a year ago we were flooded. This dry spell we are in really brings people’s perceptions to the surface. Some people are buying hay just to get through the next week, some are buying it to build up a reserve, and some were buying cow-calf pairs.

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Merck Animal Health, American Hereford Association to offer educational opportunities

Merck Animal Health, American Hereford Association to offer educational opportunities

Jessica Wesson

Successful Farming

“It’s great to have Merck Animal Health work with our team,” says Jack Ward, AHA executive vice president. “Animal care and health are critical to the success of our producers’ operations, and we look forward to Merck Animal Health’s contributions in this educational effort.”

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Weaning fall-born calves (remember to plan for water needs)

Weaning fall-born calves (remember to plan for water needs)

Glenn Selk

Feedlot Magazine

Many cow/calf operations with fall-born calves will wean the calves in mid to late June.  Weaning during very hot summer weather is stressful enough to the calves.  Therefore any management strategy that can reduce stress to the calves should be utilized.  “Fenceline weaning” is such a strategy that should be applied.

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Film Promotes Environmental Benefits of Raising Cattle

Film Promotes Environmental Benefits of Raising Cattle

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

To Gabe Brown, it was just another film crew when Peter Byck’s group showed up at the family’s North Dakota ranch to work on a project about adaptive grazing. It’s turned into something much large

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Improper Handling Negatively Impacts Carcass Quality

Improper Handling Negatively Impacts Carcass Quality

Steve Boyles

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

It’s estimated that 35 million dollars in damage occurs annually from bruising in U.S. beef animals. During the first session of the 2020 Ohio Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management School hosted by the Ohio State University Extension Beef Team, Dr. Steve Boyles, Ohio State University Beef Specialist, discussed how the improper management and handling of fed cattle during sorting and transport can negatively impact the quality of the end product.

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Rising slaughter capacity is good news, but more is needed

Rising slaughter capacity is good news, but more is needed

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield AG News
University of Missouri’s Scott Brown says we’re in much better shape than many expected we would be right now.  “If you look at last week’s slaughter totals relative to a year ago, cattle slaughter is down about 14 percent and hog slaughter is down about 8 percent,” he says.  “If you remember we were talking about vs. a year ago anywhere from 25 to 30 percent lower not that long ago.”

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New Legislation. Then What?

New Legislation. Then What?

Kate MIller

Farm Journal

One morning in 2014, I turned on the news and one of the headlines of that report was that ground beef had reached an all-time price high. I remember steeling myself for the day ahead, knowing my phone would begin to ring with questions on why this was happening and for how long it would continue. The questions came from the bleeding margins of the restaurant industry—but no cattleman took to social media to demand a correction in the injustice of the pricing mechanism.

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Beef Improvement Federation Releases New Guidelines for Performance Evaluation

Beef Improvement Federation Releases New Guidelines for Performance Evaluation

Beef Improvement Federation

Since its establishment in 1968, the primary purpose of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) has been to bring standardization to performance testing and evaluation. In keeping with this mission, BIF is proud to unveil the latest version of its Guidelines for Uniform Beef Improvement Programs.

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