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Feeder cattle producers living a nightmare

Feeder cattle producers living a nightmare

Rhiannon Branch

Brownfield Network

Temporary closures and reduced capacity at packing plants from COVID-19 has placed added stress on cattle producers.  “There is no way to understate it, from a cattle feeder scenario this is a nightmare.”  University of Illinois Extension Beef Specialist Travis Meteer tells Brownfield bottom line impacts are hitting feeder cattle producers left and right, causing added stressors that cannot be ignored.

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What is your Competitive Advantage?

What is your Competitive Advantage?

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

One of the ways that beef producers can be successful in their business is to identify what their competitive advantage is in relation to their competition.  What is it about your product, skills, reputation, business structure, location or service that sets you apart from others?  What gives you a “leg up” on the competition?

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Green Grass Doesn’t Always Mean the Nutrients are Complete

Green Grass Doesn’t Always Mean the Nutrients are Complete

Russ Quinn


Among the days cow-calf producers perhaps most look forward to is the day they can turn their pairs out to grass, whether that be Midwestern pasture or High Plains rangeland. However, before that day even arrives, many days of planning and work need to be accomplished first.

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Clover causes death in Missouri cow herds

Clover causes death in Missouri cow herds

Mindy Ward

Beef Magazine

“White clover is as thick as dog’s hair,” says Ryan Lock, University of Missouri Extension specialist. Too much clover in cattle pastures this year is causing cattle deaths in southern Missouri.

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Managing feedlot rations without ethanol co-products

Managing feedlot rations without ethanol co-products

Kimberly Williams Brackett

Progressive Cattle

“The ethanol products are in short supply because of closures and slowdowns by the ethanol plants,” Loy said. “The reason for the closures is due to decreased ethanol and fuel demand globally.

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CattleFax offers 2020 outlook for beef producers

CattleFax offers 2020 outlook for beef producers

Amanda Radke

Beef Magazine

“Whereas steer and heifer carcasses see a multitude of cuts, so there’s much more employment and activity taking place in the fab department of the packing plant. So that’s why the logistics of social distancing in the plant is more difficult.”

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As Trump Eyes Foreign Cattle, Ranchers Say Real Threat Is Beef

As Trump Eyes Foreign Cattle, Ranchers Say Real Threat Is Beef

Jordan Fabian, Michael Hirtzer and Mike Dorning

Yahoo Finance

President Donald Trump raised the possibility of halting cattle imports to help an industry hit by slaughterhouse logjams. Ranchers say they’re more concerned about foreign beef than livestock. Trump said Tuesday the U.S. should consider “terminating” trade deals that obligate the country to import cattle. He didn’t specify which trade deals he’s eying.

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Differing Opinions on New Cattle Pricing Bill

Differing Opinions on New Cattle Pricing Bill

Southeastern AgNet

Last week, a group of Senators introduced a bipartisan bill to increase transparency in cattle pricing. The legislation is designed to foster efficient markets while increasing competition and transparency among meatpackers who purchase livestock directly from independent producers. The bill will require that a minimum of 50% of a meat packer’s weekly volume of beef slaughter be purchased on the open or spot market.

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Will beef survive? ‘It has to’, global conference told

Will beef survive? ‘It has to’, global conference told

James Nason

Beef Central

Another session of key relevance to Beef Central’s readership featured Alltech’s ruminant Posing the question “Will Beef Survive?”, Dr Holder said the answer was that “it absolutely has to”. research group director Dr. Vaughn Holder, who provided a range of critical insights into the actual environmental hoofprint of beef, which contrasts dramatically with the tone of public messages suggesting beef is bad for the environment.

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Cows will need bred’: Coronavirus is hitting the meat industry all the way up to animal breeders

Cows will need bred’: Coronavirus is hitting the meat industry all the way up to animal breeders

Alfred Miller

USA Today

With meat plants shutting down across the nation because of growing COVID-19 infections among workers, the ripple effect is being felt all the way up the food supply chain, with some farmers delaying the purchase of bulls for breeding – something that could affect the food supply in years to come.

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