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Behind those eyes there shines a light

That’s guided me from my first step

Down life’s highway through thick and thin

So I could tell the wrong from right.

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Kentucky 31 fescue add up to profits in this strategic grazing, marketing program.

Kentucky 31 fescue add up to profits in this strategic grazing, marketing program.

Becky Mills

Angus Beef Bulletin

More than likely, you wince at preg-check time when you hear the dreaded “O” word. Plus, you’re probably not too proud of your Kentucky 31 (KY-31) fescue pastures, especially in the summer when the toxic endophyte in the forage wreaks havoc on a cow’s ability to cool herself.

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The Basics of Pricing Freezer Beef

The Basics of Pricing Freezer Beef

Garth Ruff

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Over the last decade the demand for locally raised meats have steadily increased and that demand has skyrocketed as of late, due to the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on animal agriculture and the meat packing sector.

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Net Wrap vs. Twine

Net Wrap vs. Twine

Dr. Bruce Anderson,

American Cattlemen

To wrap or not to wrap, that is the question! Is net wrap a better choice than regular twine? This article will give you some figures to help you decide for yourself. Net wrapping bales aren’t cheap. Equipment costs three to four thousand dollars and plastic net is seventy five cents to a dollar more per bale than twine. Is it worth it?

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Tips for safely hauling your pairs to summer pasture

Tips for safely hauling your pairs to summer pasture

Heather Smith Thomas

Beef Magazine

Summer pasture can sometimes be a long way from winter pastures or the homeplace. Traditionally, many cattle were trailed to summer pasture, and a few ranchers still maintain that practice. But today, most producers haul the pairs instead — especially if it’s a long distance or there’s a lot of traffic on the roads.

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USDA: Meatpacking Facilities Practicing Safe Reopening

USDA: Meatpacking Facilities Practicing Safe Reopening


U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today applauded the safe reopening of critical infrastructure meatpacking facilities across the United States. These meatpacking facilities have resumed or plan to resume operations this week following President Trump’s Executive Order directing the facilities to implement the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines specifically created for the meat and poultry sector response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Feedlot Producer: Cattle Industry Has Never Been As Bad As Now

Feedlot Producer: Cattle Industry Has Never Been As Bad As Now

Betsy Jibben


Cattle feedlots are running out of space, and several processing plants are running at a low capacity or closed. Washington D.C. could soon take action.  Drovers reports there’s a proposal developed by Beef Alliance that would fund placing feedlot cattle on a maintenance diet for 75 days. The proposal, called the Fed Cattle Set-Aside Program, would seek to alleviate the risk of massive economic collapse in the beef cattle industry.

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Will future be more “Big Meat” or a rebirth of independents?

Will future be more “Big Meat” or a rebirth of independents?

Chuck Jolley


Most people hate change, especially if it’s forced on them abruptly. Small, baby steps with plenty of time in between to allow them to absorb a slowly altering ‘normal’ might be acceptable. Anything that might quickly shove them out of their comfort zones will be met with a firm and potentially violent, “Hell, no!” Case in point: the loud protests against mandatory lockdowns, underscored by a small number of angry and well-armed men storming state capitols.

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Meat packing plants are forced to stay open. But do workers have to show up?

Meat packing plants are forced to stay open. But do workers have to show up?

James B. Dworkin

Purdue University

“These contracts have what is referred to as ‘just cause’ language in them, meaning that a worker can only be discharged if such action is justified. Would being fired for safety concerns be considered just cause?

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Unique BueLingo cattle raised on the Groth family farm

Unique BueLingo cattle raised on the Groth family farm

Charlene Corson Selbee

Filmore County Journal

A Sunday drive in the Driftless region southeast of Spring Grove led to a herd of unfamiliar black and red cattle with a white belt around their middle.  Not recognizing the breed required stopping to take pictures, not realizing there was also a story to tell. Following is the story of a three-generation family cattle operation and their unique cattle.

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