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Minimizing Synchronization Costs

Minimizing Synchronization Costs

Olivia Amundson

South Dakota State University

With the rising costs of certain feed supplements, uncertainty in the markets, and fear of the unknown, using an estrus synchronization protocol may be the last thing on producers’ minds. However, the decisions that are made now determine profitability in the future. While many may be pinching pennies, there is still opportunity to incorporate estrus synchronization without breaking the bank.

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Hair scoring the cows

Hair scoring the cows

Jodi Henke

Successful Farming

Sometimes, we have to judge each other’s hair. Especially cattle. Ideally, we want cows to shed their winter coats before mid-June. This makes them more attractive, more productive, and better able to cope with heat stress due to fescue toxicosis. Hair usually sheds off first at the front end and the top of the animal.

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You can’t manage what you don’t measure — and record.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure — and record.

Rachel Robinson

Angus Journal

First, he told producers to assess the soils on your ranch to “discover, plan, manage and establish your production potential;” do physical, chemical and biological assessments of your pastures to be able to “prioritize management activities to address limitations;” and “develop a monitoring plan to measure the effectiveness of the management.”

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For the Long Haul

For the Long Haul

Stevie Ipsen

California Cattleman

The sights and smells of a livestock market and the familiar rumble of an auctioneer’s chant create such a unique atmosphere that those who have ever entered the doors of such a place gain a sense of nostalgia that sticks with them for a lifetime. For decades, auction yards in California were found in nearly every sizeable town, and some towns not so sizeable at all. The coffee shops in those facilities were not only the best source of news but also served the best breakfast and burgers in town. Today, the communities that are fortunate enough to still lay claim. to such landmarks have grown further in between and as of late the atmosphere has altered, to put it mildly.
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Ethics, beef and the planet

Ethics, beef and the planet

‘Doc’ Cooke

Beef Producer

Presently it seems that a bunch of supposedly educated people have become idiots. The word idiot means “to be without knowledge.” Courts of law do not allow the lack of knowledge as a legal defense in civil or criminal cases unless the defendant can prove insanity, so I’m wondering why it is being tolerated and apparently encouraged across our culture.

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Cattle country Attorneys General want DOJ probe of suspected price fixing by U.S. beef processors

Cattle country Attorneys General want DOJ probe of suspected price fixing by U.S. beef processors

Sally Jo Sorensen

Bluestem Prairie

The attorneys general acknowledge that there have long been concerns about price fixing in the industry, but they argue the high price of packaged beef and rapidly dropping price of live cattle show that meatpacking companies are using their ability to control the market to take advantage of ranchers and consumers during the coronavirus pandemic. Live cattle has lost about 30% of its value since the beginning of the year.

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Proposed ‘Fed Cattle Set-Aside Program’ Surfaces

Proposed ‘Fed Cattle Set-Aside Program’ Surfaces

Greg Handerson


The seven-page proposal, called a “Fed Cattle Set-Aside Program,” would seek to “alleviate the risk of massive economic collapse in the beef cattle industry.” The proposal was developed by the Beef Alliance and modeled after a set-aside program used in Canada after the BSE crisis in 2004.

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K-State Plans “Troubleshooting Uncertain Times in the Beef Industry” Webinar

K-State Plans “Troubleshooting Uncertain Times in the Beef Industry” Webinar

Kansas State University
“This webinar is being conducted to help beef producers assess their current nutrition and management strategies in light of the challenges to the beef market created by COVID-19,” says Dr. Dale Blasi, K-State beef cattle extension specialist.

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Ranchers accuse federal government of burning $9 million in property

Ranchers accuse federal government of burning $9 million in property


Capital Press

Two ranches in Western Montana claim they’re owed nearly $9 million because the federal government burned their rangeland while trying to control a wildfire. McDonough Family Land and Ingersoll Ranch of Wolf Creek, Mont., have filed a lawsuit accusing the U.S. Forest Service of intentionally igniting their property for “burnout and backfiring operations” to steer the spread of the 2017 Alice Creek Fire.

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Tips for Growing Bulls During Summer Heat

Tips for Growing Bulls During Summer Heat


Oil and water. Cats and dogs. Bull fertility and summer heat. All of these are things that don’t necessarily mesh. When it comes to reproductive performance of your herd, you work hard to make sure your cows are in an ideal body condition and are reproductively sound; however, the bull’s reproductive health and condition also needs to be considered.

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