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Market planning can net added value for your calves

Market planning can net added value for your calves

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin

Plenty of cow-calf producers would be tickled pink to receive more money from the sale of their calves. Who wouldn’t? Yet many producers are resigned to take what they can get on sale day. What, if anything, can they do to add value to their feeder calves?

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Making and Maintaining Quality Baleage

Making and Maintaining Quality Baleage

Brady Campbell

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Baleage may be the solution to making quality first cutting hay! It almost seems like a broken record. We have continually talked about the excessive amount of poor quality hay made last year and the issues surrounding how to incorporate it as a viable feed source in livestock diets. Here in Ohio, we have yet to have had an actual winter and the rain continues to fall.

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Is BVDV hiding in your herd?

Is BVDV hiding in your herd?

Beef Magazine

Up to 90% of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) infections are subclinical and go unnoticed. However, the most common indication of disease prevalence is poor reproductive performance, including decreased conception rates, abortions, stillbirths and weak calves. And that’s definitely something that producers pay attention to.

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Iowa Cattlemen Association Official Worried About Cattle Farmers

Iowa Cattlemen Association Official Worried About Cattle Farmers

Tyler Brunner


Sudden closures of meat processing plants and low market prices are creating difficult times for Iowa’s cattle farmers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Iowa Cattlemen Association Eastern Iowa Membership Coordinator Lane Eads has seen the local and statewide impact COVID-19 has had on Iowa’s cattle farmers.

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Tips for healthy pastures

Tips for healthy pastures

Alicia Boor

The Hays Daily News

Beef cattle grazing on lush, green pastures is a common sight when driving through the Kansas Flint Hills in the late spring. K-State beef cattle extension specialist Bob Weaber advised producers to begin by assessing their current facilities. “Start by doing a perimeter check on the fences and do any necessary maintenance as well as checking on the water supply,” he said. “Think about any changes that need to be made in the grazing plan from last year before the cows are turned out.”

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Improving returns on calves

Improving returns on calves

Joe Paschal

Victoria Advocate

In addition to the impact of COVID-19 on the cattle market, farmers and ranchers in Victoria and surrounding counties are dealing with severe or extreme drought conditions. Most of South Texas is experiencing similar conditions and has been since last fall. Agricultural producers are generally optimistic and will try to plant crops or maintain their cattle herds with the thought that the next good rain is just one day away.

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U.S. Beef Output Is Down Way More Than Shutdowns Suggest

U.S. Beef Output Is Down Way More Than Shutdowns Suggest

Michael Hirtzer


American beef output is down a lot more than plant closures would have you believe — a sign that slowdowns at facilities will continue to keep meat supplies tight even when some production lines reopen. Cattle slaughter dropped 37% this week from a year ago, U.S. Department of Agriculture data show. That far outstrips the 10% to 15% in capacity that’s been halted with meat plants closed after coronavirus outbreaks among employees.

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The Business of Burps: Scientists Smell Profit in Cow Emissions

The Business of Burps: Scientists Smell Profit in Cow Emissions

Adam Satariano

New York Times

It is a well-known problem that has had few promising solutions. But in the last five years, a collection of companies and scientists has been getting closer to what would be an ecological and financial breakthrough: an edible product that would change cows’ digestive chemistry and reduce their emission of methane.

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America is obsessed with beef. But it has no use for hides, so leather prices plunge

America is obsessed with beef. But it has no use for hides, so leather prices plunge

Lydia Mulvany and Denitsa Tsekova

Los Angles Times

U.S. consumers are eating more beef, more than they have in a decade. But a byproduct of this carnivorous hankering is piling up, unloved and unwanted. Shoppers who once coveted leather jackets and shoes are instead scooping up cheaper, synthetic alternatives, reflecting a growing ambivalence toward this former staple of American closets.

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Tips for cattle feeders using ‘hold and hope’ strategy

Tips for cattle feeders using ‘hold and hope’ strategy

Beef Magazine

he COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt cattle markets. Packing plants have had to shut down for deep cleaning and when they open back up, they aren’t processing as many cattle per day as they did previously. Having a market that will take finished cattle at a suitable date has become a concern.

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