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Protein Supplementation Options With Grazing Cattle

Protein Supplementation Options With Grazing Cattle

Adele Harty

South Dakota State University

COVID-19 and the energy economy has had a dramatic negative impact on the ethanol industry, resulting in limited availability of corn distiller’s grains. This has changed availability and pricing of protein feeds. As cow/calf producers consider how this affects their feed purchases currently and into the future, there are some key points to consider and evaluate.

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USDA Plan Will Help Farmers and Food Banks

USDA Plan Will Help Farmers and Food Banks

Farm Bureau Federation

The USDA today laid out its plan to award contracts to the private sector to purchase meat, dairy and produce for distribution to the nation’s food banks and other nonprofits addressing hunger. The USDA is authorized to spend $3 billion on hunger relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Using Vaccines This Spring? Keep ‘Em Cool.

Using Vaccines This Spring? Keep ‘Em Cool.

Rhonda Brooks


Vaccines are effective tools against a host of cattle diseases but how they’re handled – from the time purchased to the time used – can significantly affect their efficacy. “It’s our job to keep as much of that vaccine effectiveness as possible until we actually get it injected into the animal that is going to need it for disease protection,” says Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University emeritus Extension animal scientist.

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Modern Marvels: Evolution of The Butcher

Modern Marvels: Evolution of The Butcher

The History Channel

In a carnivorous world, a butcher is a necessary link in the food chain, carving a carcass of unsavory flesh into mouthwatering cuts

Considering and capturing production costs

Considering and capturing production costs

Stephen B. Blezinger

Progressive Cattle

Beef production costs can be a wildly moving target with variables often seemingly too numerous to count. From the producer’s standpoint, capturing all the expenses related to production, transportation, feed, fertilizer, animal health, maintenance, taxes, insurance, etc. can be a challenge, as well as very intimidating.

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Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Lindsay King

Angus Journal

The story of this Yukon, Okla., marketing giant isn’t exactly what producers expect: an employment services executive dabbling in the Business Breed. Express, and its royal blue roots, began when Bob Funk and some business associates picked up the pieces of Acme Personnel to build the long-standing Express Employment Services.

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Cattle producers bring Ft. Pierre packing plant back online

Cattle producers bring Ft. Pierre packing plant back online

Codi Vallery-Mills

Cattle Business Weekly

The slowing of meat processing at some of the nation’s largest packing plants due to COVID-19 has spotlighted the need for smaller regional packing plants and locally owned locker facilities, according to Kim Ulmer of South Dakota. He is one of 13 investors that is pleased to be bringing a meat harvesting locker in Ft. Pierre back online this May.

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Parrish rancher overcomes challenges during pandemic in brokering cattle deal with Peru

Parrish rancher overcomes challenges during pandemic in brokering cattle deal with Peru


Bradenton Herald

Brokering an international cattle deal is never easy. And it is even harder during a global pandemic, said Parrish rancher Renee Toussaint-Strickland, who recently completed a deal to export registered beef cattle to Peru. Toussaint-Strickland, who has been brokering cattle deals for 13 years for Strickland Ranch & Export Inc., said the Peru deal was among the most difficult, and perhaps the most important.

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Dreaming about a future as a veterinarian?

Dreaming about a future as a veterinarian?

Dr. Ken McMillan

I believe any career is worth it if you love what you do and make a difference for good in the world. I was attracted to veterinary medicine because I grew up on a farm, and I knew I wanted to be a farmer or help farmers. There is something very special and fulfilling in being able to help a farmer with his livestock.

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What’s in your Baleage? – Inadequate fermentation may lead to Botulism

What’s in your Baleage? – Inadequate fermentation may lead to Botulism

Dr. Michelle Arnold

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Botulism is a disease caused by one of the most potent toxins known to man. This toxin is produced by Clostridium botulinum, a Gram-positive bacterium from the Clostridia family. This bacterium survives in the environment as a “spore” and contaminates plant material during harvest.

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