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Ways to minimize death loss in calves

Ways to minimize death loss in calves

Western Livestock Journal

Recently, experts from the Kansas State (K-State) University Beef Cattle Institute (BCI) tackled the topic of calf death loss on a weekly podcast. Leading the discussion was veterinarian Bob Larson with BCI director and veterinarian Brad White.

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Emergency Preparation Considerations for Beef Operations

Emergency Preparation Considerations for Beef Operations

Jeff Lehmkuhler

Feedlot Magazine

As we see the events unfold in response to COVID-19, I thought I would share a few things to consider in any emergency. Emergency preparedness first came to light for me early in my graduate student career when the hurricane hit North Carolina and my swine colleagues shared pictures of boats carrying feed to swine facilities.

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The basics for handling freshly weaned calves at feedlots

The basics for handling freshly weaned calves at feedlots

Alberta Farmer

Rest and getting them on feed and water are simple things but they take planning and management. Stress can have a big impact on calves and if not managed properly, freshly weaned calves heading to a feed yard can be very susceptible to pneumonia and other illnesses.

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Beware the ‘few cents extra’: It’s the first step to the input addiction

Beware the ‘few cents extra’: It’s the first step to the input addiction

Billy Whitehurst

Progressive Cattle

For only a few cents per head per day, you can … increase gains, cure all diseases, increase fertility, end world hunger, fix your marriage and even make sense of the Democrat party (yeah, that one will probably always be out of reach). Sign me up, right?

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Shane Bedwell Says Breeding Genetics Improvements Moving At The Speed of Light

Shane Bedwell Says Breeding Genetics Improvements Moving At The Speed of Light

Oklahoma Farm Report

Bedwell said we’re moving “at the speed of light” in fine tuning cattle genetics. We’re making rapid progress in genetic evaluation tools, Bedwell said. This is giving us more accurate predictions and is a great start to expected progeny differences.

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The Decision to Treat with Antibiotics is No Longer Automatic

The Decision to Treat with Antibiotics is No Longer Automatic


Don’t write off talk of antibiotic resistance in livestock. It’s a real thing, says Mike Apley, a veterinarian with K-State’s College of Veterinary Medicine.  “The last time a new family of antibiotics was introduced in food animals was in 1978,” he says. “We’ve had new members of those families since then, but we are probably not going to get more.”

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Temporary Hours of Service Exemption for Livestock Haulers

Temporary Hours of Service Exemption for Livestock Haulers

Livestock Marketing Association

Due to the COVID-19 emergency relief effort, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has exempted livestock haulers from compliance with federal Hours of Service rules that limit drive time until at least April 12. Drivers wishing to haul under this exemption are suggested to print out and keep in their cab a copy of the Expanded Emergency Declaration

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Beefmaster genetics needed for research

Beefmaster genetics needed for research

High Plains Journal

Oklahoma State University Department of Animal and Food Sciences in Stillwater, Oklahoma, is initiating a new research cow herd and they are using Beefmaster genetics as their crossbreeding tool. The research effort, led by Ryan Reuter, will focus on precision ranching for improved long-term sustainability of ranches in Oklahoma and the southern Plains.

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Western National Angus Futurity Canceled

Western National Angus Futurity Canceled

American Angus

Due to rising concerns of COVID-19 or “Coronavirus,” the Western States Angus Association Board of Directors and the American Angus Association® have decided to cancel the Western Regional Junior Angus Show and Western National Angus Futurity from April 9 to 11.  The Association and WNAF management committee have been monitoring the situation over the past few weeks.

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Beef AI Can Pay

Beef AI Can Pay

Natalie Jones


Most dairymen use a breeding technology also proven profitable for beef cattle enterprises, but no more than 10% of commercial cattlemen bother with it. Why? Lack of facilities, labor, confidence and convenience lead the list of reasons artificial insemination (AI) hasn’t become commonplace on the ranch.

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