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Six strategies to consider to assist with tax time

Six strategies to consider to assist with tax time

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

“It’s a wheel that may not squeak very loud most of the year, but this time of year you need to give it your attention,” says Dan Childs, an ag economist with the Noble Research Institute in Ardmore, Okla. Childs is talking about tax season, which is looming as one year ends and another gets underway.


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Animal Welfare Starts with the Animal Handler

Animal Welfare Starts with the Animal Handler

The Beef Buzz

In today’s Beef Buzz, Ron Hays talks with Dr. Michelle Calvo-Lorenzo, Chief Animal Welfare Officer for Elanco. Oklahomans may remember her during her tenure in the Animal Science department at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Calvo-Lorenzo said animal well-being starts with the people responsible for caring for the animals.

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Small Herd Sire Decisions: The Heifer Bull Dilemma

Small Herd Sire Decisions: The Heifer Bull Dilemma

Garth Ruff

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Bull buying season is almost upon us, and for the smaller cow-calf operators in the region, I think it time to ask the question: Do you need to buy a heifer bull? Year over year as I sit and watch bull buying decisions being made, I have observed producers faced with the dilemma of buying a calving ease “heifer bull” or a higher performance sire with a slightly higher birth weight.

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Critical vitamins for cattle

Critical vitamins for cattle

Raylene Nickel

Successful Farming

There’s no question that vitamins A, D, and E are critical components of rations for beef cattle. Vitamin A plays a key role in maintaining healthy maintenance of eyes, skin, and the linings of the respiratory, digestive, and reproductive tracts.

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Steps to successful reproductive management

Steps to successful reproductive management

Matthew Burns

Progressive Cattle

Reproduction is a critical aspect of any species’s life cycle and plays a major role in food animal production. Since the implementation of artificial insemination (A.I.) in the beef cattle industry, researchers have strived to improve the efficiency and utilization of this reproductive practice.

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Florida to Host 52nd Annual Beef Improvement Federation Research Symposium

Florida to Host 52nd Annual Beef Improvement Federation Research Symposium

University of Florida

Registration is now open for the 2020Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Research Symposium and Convention. This year’s eventwill be June 9-12at the EmbassySuitesby Hilton in Kissimmee, Florida. The deadline for early registration is May 15. Attendees can save $100 by pre-registering. Online registration is available at http://www.beefimprovement.org

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Cattle groups concerned about USDA allowing Brazilian beef imports

Cattle groups concerned about USDA allowing Brazilian beef imports

Larry Lee

Brownfield Ag News

U.S. beef producers are not pleased with the USDA’s decision to allow imports of Brazilian beef. Shortly after the USDA made the decision to allow Brazilian beef imports Friday, the major U.S. cattle organizations spoke out against it.

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If you want to save a cow, eat an Impossible Burger. Or stop eating cheese.

If you want to save a cow, eat an Impossible Burger. Or stop eating cheese.

Laura Reiley

Washington Post

You’re eating that Impossible Burger, that Beyond Sausage link, chewing slowly and musing, “I wonder how many cows have been saved so far because of plant-based meat.” The answer, in all likelihood, is none. Despite cattle ranchers’ deep fear and antipathy for plant-based meat, per capita consumption of beef has been increasing since 2015. U.S. beef sales reached an all-time high in 2019, with a similar outlook for 2020, according to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

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CME cattle extend losses as coronavirus rattles investors

CME cattle extend losses as coronavirus rattles investors

Karl Plume


hicago Mercantile Exchange live and feeder cattle futures fell sharply for a second consecutive day on Tuesday as fears of a coronavirus pandemic stoked concerns about demand and slower global economic growth.  Commodities funds liquidated more of their sizable long holdings in cattle after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Americans should begin to prepare for community spread of the virus.

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Follow the Marbling

Follow the Marbling


Selecting for just one trait can be ruinous in the cow-calf business—but it depends on how that one trait is related to others, and how well you keep the others balanced. An Iowa State University research herd show it can work out well.

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