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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farmer’s famous last words

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farmer’s famous last words


#10. Leave the gate open — the cows won’t bother.

#9. That horse doesn’t have an ounce of buck in him.

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Local packer offers unique advantages to worldwide brand.

Local packer offers unique advantages to worldwide brand.

Brianna Gwirtz

Angus Journal

Half a side of beef glides out of the cooler on an overhead hook, wheel and track line into a small meat lab. A group of chefs gather ’round; for many, it’s their first time seeing a carcass. They admire the enormity of it all and make sure to take a look at the amount of marbling in the ribeye. They know that’s the good stuff — the small, white flecks of flavor.

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Muddy Issues; Mastitis and Scours

Muddy Issues; Mastitis and Scours

Christine Gelley

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

We finally got some snow and freezing temperatures! At our house, we didn’t get snow a single day that our Christmas decorations were up, but snow on Valentine’s Day was appreciated. Fresh snow provides a refreshing look to the landscape when it covers up all the muck and brown underneath it.

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To Unroll or Not to Unroll? What Gives the Most Bang for the Buck When Bale Feeding?

To Unroll or Not to Unroll? What Gives the Most Bang for the Buck When Bale Feeding?

Tom Krawiec

On Pasture

The other day my buddy, Steve Kenyon, and I were discussing why concentrated bale grazing is so superior for pasture rejuvenation versus unrolling bales. Steve is the author of ‘The Calendar of the Year-Round Grazier,’ teaches a course on how to graze year-round, and has been bale grazing for more than 20 years. Steve is a pretty smart guy and I respect his opinion.

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Dr. Kent Anderson Says It’s Been The Decade of DNA Testing For Impoved Cattle Genetics

Dr. Kent Anderson Says It’s Been The Decade of DNA Testing For Impoved Cattle Genetics

Oklahoma Farm Report

“We think that in 2020 in the beef seedstock world, we will cross the one million mark for those that have been high density 50,000 marker tested,” said Anderson. “This is good news for commercial cow-calf producers because they can buy bulls with more accurate genomic enhanced EPDs.” Anderson said it’s like the bull having a first calf crop on the ground with all the genetic data before he becomes a parent

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Top six factors affecting bull fertility

Top six factors affecting bull fertility

Ryon Walker

Western Livestock Journal

Significant emphasis has been placed on the importance of fertility in the female, whether in the cow or a developing heifer. When we address fertility in one female, we are affecting one offspring. When we address fertility in one male, we could be affecting up to approximately 35 offspring, in a single year. Is this oversight on bull fertility because bulls are overlooked until it is time to turn them out for the breeding season?

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New vaccine platform under development for anaplasmosis

New vaccine platform under development for anaplasmosis


Bovine anaplasmosis, caused by the blood-borne parasite Anaplasma marginale, is the most prevalent tick-transmitted disease of cattle worldwide and causes significant disease loss to beef producers in the U.S., Kansas State said.

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China Lifts Restrictions on US Beef and Other Ag Products

China Lifts Restrictions on US Beef and Other Ag Products

Colter Brown

Northern AG Network

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue and United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced today that China has taken numerous actions to begin implementing its agriculture-related commitments under the landmark U.S.-China Phase One Economic and Trade Agreement on schedule. The agreement entered into force on February 14, 2020.

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Reviewing Carcass Weights

Reviewing Carcass Weights

John Nalivka


The beef industry has changed significantly in a positive way since cattlemen liquidated herds to a 60-year low at the beginning of 2014, with the most apparent benefit to carcass grades.  For the past 16 months fed cattle have graded 85% Choice or higher with the five-year (2015 – 2019) average at 82%.  This compares to an average of 73% Choice from 2009 – 2014.

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Is your rig ready for spring?

Is your rig ready for spring?

Carmen Willmore

Progressive Cattle

As winter comes to an end and we start thinking about spring turnout, it’s also time to ensure all our equipment is in order. Before loading cattle this spring, it’s important to ensure that your truck and trailer are ready for the task.

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