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Precision Breeding and You Don’t Need a GPS

Precision Breeding and You Don’t Need a GPS

Darrh Bullock

A Steak in Genomics™

Breeding objectives are genetically influenced objectives to help achieve farm and ranch goals. In Darrh’s opinion, breeding objectives should impact the quality of life of the farm and ranch owners and workers. These objectives should improve economic, social, welfare and convenience factors of a farm. Certain traits in our breeding objective will allow us to be more efficient and have a smaller environmental impact. Other traits will be in our breeding objective simply because they make our life more convenient.

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Hay bales need safe winter storage

Hay bales need safe winter storage

Barb Glen

Western Producer

It is best to store bales in single rows, leaving space between them and between the rows so they do not touch. As time and winter progress, those stored hay bales squat lower and lower. That’s gravity and nature at work, but up to a point, ranchers can preserve hay quality for their livestock through haying method and storage.

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When tragedy strikes, women on the farm search for new ideas, increased efficiency

When tragedy strikes, women on the farm search for new ideas, increased efficiency


During the No-Till on the Plains annual Winter Conference Palmer, Kansas farmer Lucinda Stuenkel shared her journey to refine her farm operations after tragedy struck her family.

Before Thanksgiving and after harvest, Stuenkel’s husband and his brother, who farmed in a partnership together, were killed simultaneously in an icy car accident. With no other heirs, all of the farming operations fell to Stuenkel, her two sons — one in kindergarten and one in fourth grade at the time.

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What does good animal welfare look like? Part Two

What does good animal welfare look like? Part Two

 Drs. Sara Steinlage and Michelle Calvo-Lorenzo


We want to provide animals with an environment that enables them to exhibit species-specific behaviors as they would in their natural environment. This could mean providing them with adequate space to socialize and be raised in the appropriate company of an animal’s own kind. For instance, open pens can be used to allow livestock to be housed with other animals naturally found in their flock or herd. Their caretakers closely monitor the animals’ behavioral interactions to ensure they are all properly cared for within their environment.

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Boots on the Ground – Farmer Sustainability Stories

Boots on the Ground – Farmer Sustainability Stories

Cyndie Shearing

Farm Bureau

Today’s farmers and ranchers are at the forefront of climate-smart farming, putting scientific solutions, technology and innovation to work every day to protect land, air and water. They’re also reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, if you combine all of U.S. agriculture, it accounts for 9% of U.S. emissions, with 91% coming from all other sources, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Ground, barriers broken at Temple Grandin Equine Center

Ground, barriers broken at Temple Grandin Equine Center

Tony Phifer

Colorado State University

Temple Grandin, the world-renowned professor in Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences and autism advocate, didn’t have an easy road in life. Far from it. “High school was a disaster for me,” she said. “I was always getting picked on.”

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NCBA Statement on Beef From Brazil

NCBA Statement on Beef From Brazil


National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Senior Director, International Trade and Market Access, Kent Bacus today released the following statement in response to the U.S. Department of Agriculture restoring access to the U.S. for Brazilian beef:

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Brazil Says It Has U.S. Approval To Resume Beef Imports

Brazil Says It Has U.S. Approval To Resume Beef Imports

Greg Henderson


The United States has reopened its market to fresh Brazilian beef exports effective immediately, according to Brazilian Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina Dias. The news was met with opposition from U.S. cattle trade groups. The U.S. stopped Brazilian fresh beef imports in June of 2017, alleging that some shipments failed to pass food safety checks.

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Junior Livestock Show competitors explain their passion

Junior Livestock Show competitors explain their passion

Brian King

Tahlequah Daily Press

The 2020 Cherokee County Junior Livestock Show offers a space where youth showcase their best cattle, and the Beef Division took center stage Saturday at noon. The event, preceded by the beef weigh-in, was sponsored by the Future Farmers of America, and its organizers believe there is a correlation between youth participation and academic achievement.

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United States Cattlemen’s Association hosts 2020 Winter Thaw event

United States Cattlemen’s Association hosts 2020 Winter Thaw event


The United States Cattlemen’s Association is bringing attention to the beef and cattle industry by hosting their 2020 Winter Thaw event. Montana ranchers and the public have the chance to hear from experts in cattle talk about issues and concerns within the beef industry. The event started at The Northern Hotel in Billings where people learned about marketing and risk management.

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