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Labelling debate returns to U.S.

Labelling debate returns to U.S.

Barbara Duckworth

The Western Producer

“Origin labels were considered generic labels by FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Service) and as long as the product passes approval in a USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) inspected facility, it can be eligible for the origin label,” said Gene Copenhaver, head of a working group with members from all parts of the country assigned to study the labelling issue.

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We’re losing the antibiotics war

We’re losing the antibiotics war

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

I fear we may be nearing the end of this miraculous age of antibiotics. We’re losing the battle with bacteria as they steadily overcome our slim battery of antibiotics. I was reminded of this again a few days ago as I listened to Amelia Woolums, an outstanding researcher from Mississippi State University. Her work (and that of others) has shown us a lot about antibiotic resistance, but it also shows mystifying survival abilities among these microscopic creatures.

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Black Ink: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Black Ink: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Nicole Lane Erceg


Have we reached that point in the quality beef ride, too? We rounded out 2019 with 72% of the harvest reaching the Choice grade and 8.6% Prime. There’s more premium beef on the market than ever before. Could we be approaching our destination, maybe even delivering too much of a good thing?

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What does good animal welfare look like? Part One

What does good animal welfare look like? Part One

Dr. Sara Steinlage


I remember when my son was little, Sara writes, and he asked: “How does a chicken become a chicken nugget?” As the child of a veterinarian, he has always known meat comes from animals and that it was my job to take care of them. It was very important to me that I instilled in him the value of these animals and the proper care they needed from the day they were born or hatched through their entire lives.

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What’s the deal with all this value-added chatter?

What’s the deal with all this value-added chatter?

Abbie Burnett

Beef Magazine

The concept of value-added feeder cattle has been around for a long time. And beef producers are taking advantage of it. In spite of the potential premiums, however, there are still plenty of calves and feeder cattle marketed as a commodity product, with no value differentiation between them and the load before or after in the sale barn ring.

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Beef transparency program thriving

Beef transparency program thriving

Joel Crews

Meat Poultry

With Tyson Fresh Meats among the first beef processors to partner with transparency-focused Progressive Beef’s cattle program in 2018, the program’s stakeholders announced spiking participation rates among feedlots and corresponding increases in cattle certified under the management and sustainability system. Progressive Beef officials announced on Feb. 20 that the volume of cattle certified through the program has doubled, to 2 million head, while feedlot participation has jumped from 21 to 60 between 2018 and 2020.

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How the coronavirus could affect the American beef industry

How the coronavirus could affect the American beef industry

Steve Dittmer

Beef Magazine

It’s been about three weeks since I first wrote about the coronavirus in BEEF. The cattle markets had immediately gone down a few dollars a hundred weight and the Dow had dropped over 400 points.

Since that time, the number of cases worldwide has gone up by over 10-fold, and the death toll by more than 15 times. Luckily for the cattle industry, our markets stabilized pretty quickly.

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Wyoming lawmakers advance legislation repealing beef checkoff penalties

Wyoming lawmakers advance legislation repealing beef checkoff penalties

Nick Reynolds

Casper Star Tribune

Members of the House Agricultural Committee voted 6-2 on Thursday to repeal penalties for Wyoming ranchers who refuse to comply with the state’s beef checkoff rules, a longstanding provision intended to fund the state’s beef council. It appeared to be a protest vote against the Cattlemen’s Beef Board — a national institution that oversees the promotion of the beef industry.

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U.S. Beef May Soon Benefit From China Demand, Marfrig Says

U.S. Beef May Soon Benefit From China Demand, Marfrig Says


As African swine fever leaves China with a formidable protein gap, Brazilian meat producers have been rewarded with a boom in shipments. Now, that demand burst could start spreading into the U.S. That’s according to Eduardo Miron, the chief executive officer of Marfrig Global Foods SA, the world’s second-largest beef producer. He expects the Beijing-Washington trade deal signed last month will lead to rising American beef exports to China.

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Extension Encourages Preparation for Spring Calving

Extension Encourages Preparation for Spring Calving

Ellen Crawford

North Dakota Wheeler Dealer

Planning and preparing for the calving season can help not only minimize calf losses but also improve calves’ performance, according to North Dakota State University Extension livestock specialists. The nutrition status of the calving herd is one issue to consider in preparing for the upcoming spring calving season.

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