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What’s included in your calving book?

What’s included in your calving book?

Erika Lundy and Patrick Wall

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

As we gear up for calving season, now is a good time to consider what information we should be recording in our calving books. The key is not what we weigh, measure, collect, spray, or write down. It’s what we do with the information months later that really counts.

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Colin Woodall on Defending the Beef Brand

Colin Woodall on Defending the Beef Brand

Oklahoma Farm Report

The minute he took the reins of the NCBA in 2019, Colin Woodall made it clear he was going to set the record straight on what his organization stood for.  “There’s a lot of rocks being thrown at us, and we decided we’re going to correct the misinformation and set the record straight,” said Woodall.

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Custom Vaccines:  Take a More Targeted Approach

Custom Vaccines:  Take a More Targeted Approach

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

One size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to vaccines in a cattle herd. That’s one reason it’s becoming more common to hear of cases where a custom vaccine, also known as an autogenous vaccine, is the answer to some ongoing health issues in a herd.

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Discovering your brand identity

Discovering your brand identity

Brett Spader

Angus Journal

Your brand as a breeder is the collection of all the things that make you and your program unique. It is your history, your experience, your family, your breeding philosophies and what you offer the marketplace that is not easily replicated.

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Podcasts: Your next ranch MVP

Podcasts: Your next ranch MVP

Kindra Gordon

Southern Livestock

“Being a lifelong learner” is often one of the mantra successful people attribute to their achievements. And now, hundreds of thousands of talk radio segments via “podcasts” are making that learning process a-vailable 24/7. If you are unfamiliar with podcasts, they are best described as a series of digital audio files a user can download and listen to on-the-go. It’s pre-recorded radio to take with you wherever you are. The benefit of podcasts over radio is you can pick the content and topic for your playlist.

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2019 NCBA Victories in Washington D.C.

2019 NCBA Victories in Washington D.C.

Mayzie Purviance

Western AG Reporter

Although Cattle Con was riddled with various events such as the trade show, a concert, a PBR bull riding, and numerous seminars, one session stood out: the NCBA D.C. Issues Update.  In the update, numerous industry experts gave a brief surrounding a specific sector of the beef industry and provided progress made in 2019 as well as plans for 2020.

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We must account hidden losses from

We must account hidden losses from

Glen L. Jensen, DVM

Beef Magazine

In veterinary school we cover so much information in a relatively short period of time where the goal is to create a very good foundation to continue to build on once you have graduated. I never got a chance to do a bull breeding soundness exam during the food animal rotation of my clinical portion of school.

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Calculating the costs of beef production

Calculating the costs of beef production

Melonie Roberts

Cassville Democrat

Nathan Isakson, of Ash Grove, said he runs 2.5 head of cow-calf pair per acre on his farm, the majority of which is Show-Me Select, on a rotational basis. “We stockpile fescue for strip grazing from mid-November through the first week of February,” Isakson said. “We do feed hay in the event of snow or ice, because of trampling. We also feed hay through the month of September to allow the farm to rest for 30 days.”

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Bull buying criteria outlined

Bull buying criteria outlined

Lisa Moser

High Plains Journal

For cattle producers, bull sale season has arrived. Prospective buyers are flipping through the sale catalogs and studying the pedigree information, performance data and bull pictures trying to determine where they want to make their investment.

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COOL, Packers To Clash In N.M. Court

COOL, Packers To Clash In N.M. Court

Greg Henderson


America’s four largest beef packers are misleading consumers with their “Produced in the U.S.A.” labels, according to the claims in two class-action lawsuits filed in New Mexico. The suits allege the labels are misleading because the products often contain imported beef.

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