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Calving Ease May Not Always Mean What You Think

Calving Ease May Not Always Mean What You Think

Dr. Ken McMillan

The term “calving ease” is often thrown around without a full understanding of what it really means. This is complicated by the fact that different breeds have slightly different names for similar traits. Starting at the beginning, make sure you understand the “E” in Expected Progeny Difference (EPD).

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Checkoff, Check-mate — Part I

Checkoff, Check-mate — Part I

Western Ag Reporter

In recent years, producers have questioned the Beef Checkoff program.  Is it worth it?  What are my dollars going toward?  Can you trust the individuals controlling the money? To fully understand this checkoff chess game, it is important to first understand the players.  The Animal Wellness Action (AWA) and the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) question the integrity of the Checkoff program.

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9 tips for a healthy ranch

9 tips for a healthy ranch

Gene Johnston

Successful Farming

Three families of environmental stewardship award program winners offer their tips and experiences for a healthy ranch.  Jerry Doan and his family own and operate Black Leg Ranch southeast of Bismarck, North Dakota. The operation was the 2017 Environmental Stewardship Award national winner.

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BQA program seeks to maximize consumer confidence in beef.

BQA program seeks to maximize consumer confidence in beef.

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Libby Bigler is confident that a majority of beef cattle producers want to do the right thing. The Colorado Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) coordinator told producers attending the 26th Range Beef Cow Symposium hosted Nov. 18-20 in Mitchell, Neb., that attaining and maintaining BQA certification is, simply, the right thing to do.

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Analyzing 2019 U.S. Beef Exports And Imports

Analyzing 2019 U.S. Beef Exports And Imports

Derrell Peel


Beef exports in 2019 were down 4.4% compared to 2018. Exports were down year-over-year to most major destinations including Japan (-10.0%); Hong Kong (-24.7%); Mexico (-5.4%) and Canada (-10.6%).  Among major markets, only South Korea was up 7.1 percent year over year.

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The Role Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Cows Play in Climate Change

The Role Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Cows Play in Climate Change

Amy Quinton

University of California Davis

Inside the University of California, Davis, dairy barn, a Holstein cow has its head and neck sealed airtight inside a large, clear-plastic chamber that resembles an incubator for newborns. While giant tubes above the chamber pump air in and push air out, the cow calmly stands and eats her feed.

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Step By Step Instruction For Pasture Renovation

Step By Step Instruction For Pasture Renovation

Southern States

The reduction of overall stand is easy for everyone to see. When grasses, like tall fescue or orchardgrass, start to show clumping, the plant populations are too low. It is best to renovate a pasture in decline prior to significant weed invasion, especially in a pasture where there is a combination of both broad leaf legumes, like alfalfa and clover, and grass.

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Survey shows consumers think plant-based proteins include meat

Survey shows consumers think plant-based proteins include meat


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association released survey results that show widespread consumer confusion regarding the ingredient composition and purported benefits of plant-based “fake meat” products.

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Students prepare for NDSU’s Little International

Students prepare for NDSU’s Little International


More than 100 students are getting ready to show their animals at this year’s Little International, or Little “I” livestock show. But, as Rose Dunn found, several of the students competing aren’t ag majors, and don’t even come from a farm.

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Three Key Cattle Mineral Program “Abilities”

Three Key Cattle Mineral Program “Abilities”

N.T. Cosby

Purina Mills

Your cattle mineral program should deliver results like healthy cattle and above average breeding rates. Doing that takes a certain kind of cattle mineral program.   A good cattle mineral program will fuel cows to achieve herd goals. Getting cows bred in a timely manner and raising healthy calves are always top priorities in a cow/calf operation and quality cattle mineral is the cornerstone in supporting these goals.

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