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USDA Approves New Intranasal for Calves

USDA Approves New Intranasal for Calves

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

The USDA announced approval of Nasalgen 3, a three—way intranasal vaccine for beef and dairy cattle. The vaccine, from Merck Animal Health, protects against the most common pneumonia-causing viral pathogens.

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Winter feed management for beef cows

Winter feed management for beef cows

Stillwater News Press

Reducing winter feed costs for beef cows is important to cow-calf producers since Standardized Performance Analysis records have shown that feed costs account for more than 60% of beef producers’ annual cow cost with over one-half of these costs attributed to winter feeding. Forage intake is dramatically influenced by forage quality as well as forage availability, and both of these factors can vary dramatically from year to year and month to month.

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CattleFax: Better weather, more optimism in 2020

CattleFax: Better weather, more optimism in 2020

Alan Newport, Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

The wet weather across much of the U.S. will soon end as the El Niño phase of sea surface temperatures switches back to the warmer La Niña phase. That’s the forecast from Art Douglas, climatologist for CattleFax and a climatology professor emeritus for Creighton University. Douglas shared his forecast Thursday morning during the annual CattleFax seminar at the Cattle Industry Convention in San Antonio, Texas.

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At the heart of cattle judging

At the heart of cattle judging

Mary Crawford

The Fence Post

Four freshmen from Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis were among 50 college students who competed Saturday at the Heart City Bull Bash Livestock Judging Contest. The Aggies of NCTA traveled from Curtis to Valentine for the second annual judging contest held in conjunction with Bull Bash events in Cherry County’s largest Sandhills community. “There was a lot of good cattle to look at in Valentine,” said Jose De La Cruz, an NCTA freshman who also evaluated livestock with his FFA chapter while a senior at Lakeview High School in Columbus, Neb.

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Hoosier Voyles Elected to Cattlemen’s Beef Board Officer Team

Hoosier Voyles Elected to Cattlemen’s Beef Board Officer Team

Eric Pfeiffer

Hoosier AG Today

Norman Voyles, Jr., a seventh-generation grain and livestock farmer near Martinsville, IN, is the newest member of the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion & Research Board officer team. He was elected to serve as their Secretary-Treasurer during the 2020 Cattle Industry Convention in San Antonio last week.

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Managing prolapse in cows

Managing prolapse in cows

Derinda Blakeney

High Plains Journal

With spring calving season approaching, many ranchers will have to deal with the dreaded uterine and vaginal prolapse. Both prolapses are closely associated with calving, but each has very distinct causes and occurs at different times. It is important to recognize what type of prolapse you are dealing with to institute the appropriate treatment in a timely manner.

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Beef cattle genetics, management critical in fine tuning herds to fit environment

Beef cattle genetics, management critical in fine tuning herds to fit environment

Kay Ledbetter


Jason Smith, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service beef cattle specialist, Amarillo, who is frequently contacted to help with problems cattle operators are having, was a speaker at the recent Southwest Beef Symposium in Amarillo. “More often than not, as a nutritionist, I’m called in to fix a situation where the cattle and environment are not matched,” Smith said.

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Sugar Beet Pulp Shortage and Alternative Energy Sources for Beef Cattle

Sugar Beet Pulp Shortage and Alternative Energy Sources for Beef Cattle

Tri State Livestock News

The adverse weather conditions experienced by most agriculturalists in 2019 certainly impacted sugar beet production. The reduced volume of sugar beets available for sugar production has impacted the amount of the by-product, sugar beet pulp, available for beef cattle diets this winter. Sugar beet pulp is often used in gestating cow diets in the winter to increase the energy density of a forage based diet. The highly digestible fiber in sugar beet pulp gives it a total digestible nutrient or TDN value of 85-90%. The crude protein value is approximately 10%.

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Can charcoal make beef better for the environment?

Can charcoal make beef better for the environment?

Mikki Cusack


On a hot December day on a cattle farm in Western Australia, the smell of manure is hard to ignore. But not for long – as I watch, a cluster of dung beetles is hard at work and soon the cows’ manure will be buried in the soil. On a warm day it can take less than an hour for the beetles to eradicate a cowpat completely from the paddock’s surface.

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If successful, Walmart could be one step closer to the producer.

If successful, Walmart could be one step closer to the producer.

Laurie Bedord

Successful Farming

In January, Walmart officially entered the beef business when it opened a case-ready beef plant in Georgia. Establishing its own Angus supply chain, the largest food retailer in the U.S. has created an end-to-end beef supply chain in its latest step toward vertical integration for food and its goal of improving the quality of its food offering, according to a new report from the Knowledge Exchange division at CoBank.

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