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Approach bull selection with a strategy

Approach bull selection with a strategy

David Roper

Progressive Cattle

One of the most important yearly management decisions facing producers is bull selection. This becomes evident when realizing a bull will influence the genetic makeup of 20-25 calves per bull per year.

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Will Walmart’s new beef packing facility influence cattle prices?

Will Walmart’s new beef packing facility influence cattle prices?

Dr. Andrew Griffith

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

A couple of questions came in this week concerning Walmart opening a beef packing facility and how the new facility would influence cattle prices. The short answer is that the opening of this facility is not likely to change cattle prices much at all. The reason prices are not expected to change much is because it does not really change supply and demand of beef.

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Wet Bales Can Tip the Scales

Wet Bales Can Tip the Scales

Ben Beckman

University of Nebraska

The past few months, we’ve been focusing quite a bit on the issues that can arise when hay gets a bit too wet: combustion, mold, and Maillard reactions.  One often overlooked issue that can arise from wet hay is just the moisture itself.  Whenever we provide part of our animal’s daily feed, whether spreading hay on the ground or a ration in a bunk, cattle are trusting that we as producers are providing for all their energy and protein needs.  We do this by running feed samples through lab analysis to determine nutrient value as a percent of the feedstuff which can then be converted into an amount of the nutrient on a weight basis (i.e. pound of protein per however many pounds of feedstuff).

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The Bovine Kobuvirus is Confirmed in the US

The Bovine Kobuvirus is Confirmed in the US

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

A cattle virus, first identified in Japan in 2003, has just been confirmed in U.S. cattle.  News of the finding was published in medical journal, “Emerging Infectious Diseases”. The virus is called “Bovine kobuvirus” (BKV), and it is in the same family as viruses that cause head colds and sinus infections in humans, as well as polio.

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Automatic livestock watering systems ease the burden of farmers with small herd

Automatic livestock watering systems ease the burden of farmers with small herds


When such systems rely on livestock learning how to manipulate a door, lid or ball to drink, this can be difficult for some animals. In winter or cold climates, the door or lid can freeze shut allowing for no water access or it can freeze open, which allows the valve to freeze, so it is unusable.

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Cyclical Herd Expansion Over; Record Beef Production In 2020

Cyclical Herd Expansion Over; Record Beef Production In 2020

Derrell Peel


The latest Cattle report issued by USDA confirms that cyclical herd expansion in the U.S. is over.  The total inventory of all cattle and calves on January 1, 2020 was 94.413 million head, down 0.4 percent from one year ago.  The numbers indicate that, while cattle inventories have stopped growing, no major liquidation is underway.

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Expect cattle prices to improve

Expect cattle prices to improve

Scott Brown

Beef Magazine

While domestic demand may weaken, export markets and quality cuts will push prices higher.  The strength of demand for any commodity can be difficult to measure, and beef is no exception. Although it is tough to analyze the combination of the amount of beef consumers are purchasing and the price they are willing to pay for it, measuring demand is vital to understanding why markets have performed as they have and what direction they are most likely to take moving forward.

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Indiana beef industry outlook

Indiana beef industry outlook

Ashley Langreck


As the first month of 2020 wraps up, Joe Moore, executive vice president for the Indiana Beef Cattle Association and the Indiana Beef Council, shared some of the events the association has planned for the year, as well as how the Hoosier beef industry is looking for the year. Moore said that during the IBCA annual conference Jan. 25, experts were scheduled to speak on a variety of subjects, ranging from low-stress cattle handling to sustainability in the cattle industry.

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Get ready to wait

Get ready to wait

Isis Almeida

Prairie Farmer

American farmers waiting for all the benefits of Donald Trump’s trade deal with China are going to have to wait a while. There’s been skepticism about China’s ability to buy as much as $50 billion in additional U.S. farm goods ever since the pact was signed in mid-January. The head of a major global crop trader says that the Asian nation will make good on its pledges, but most of its purchases may come only in the second half of 2020.

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Eight of 10 calls for help have one thing in common

Eight of 10 calls for help have one thing in common

Jason Duggin

Progressive Forage

Like many of you, an intense interest for cattle develops in the blood and soul of a person, to the degree that it is hard to describe. It is in our DNA and is often a passion we can’t seem to let go of, even if we tried.

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