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Whats in Fake Meat?

Whats in Fake Meat?

Courtney Kibblewhite

Northern AG Network

Beef continues to be extremely valuable to the retail and foodservice channels. A recent study found that when beef is part of a consumer’s grocery basket, retailers enjoy a considerable increase in the total basket’s value. In fact, carts with beef generate 44% more sales across the store than carts with chicken. Beef substitutes fare even worse. Carts with beef contribute almost 20 times as many dollars to retailers as do carts with beef substitutes.

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Overlooking overhead costs is costing you big

Overlooking overhead costs is costing you big

Amanda Cauffman

Progressive Cattle

It is of no surprise when talking to cow-calf producers that overhead costs are a significant concern as there are substantial expenses that need to be covered by the beef cow herd. However, the productivity and profitability of the cow-calf enterprise can be greatly impacted by our management and evaluation decisions.

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6 Tips to Make the Most of Feed Analysis

6 Tips to Make the Most of Feed Analysis

Kindra Gordon

Color, smell, texture, leafiness and harvest date can all offer clues about forage quality, but “sensory evaluation doesn’t cut it when it comes to feed analysis,” says North Dakota State University (NDSU) Area Livestock Extension Specialist Janna Block, who is based at the Hettinger Research Extension Center. Block shared comments during a hands-on breakout session at the 2019 Range Beef Cow Symposium hosted Nov. 18-20 in Mitchell, Neb.

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Disastrous 2019 weather spills over into cattle breeding

Disastrous 2019 weather spills over into cattle breeding

Michelle Rook


The disastrous weather in 2019 continues to have a long tail, not just for grain producers but for livestock operations as well. It is currently surfacing in a higher percentage of unbred beef cows this fall and winter than in past years.

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U.S. CattleTrace Advances Disease Traceability

U.S. CattleTrace Advances Disease Traceability


Multiple state cattlemen’s organizations from major beef producing regions have partnered together to form U.S. CattleTrace, a disease traceability initiative. The goal is to develop a national infrastructure for disease traceability and encourage private industry’s use of the infrastructure for individualized management practices.

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Cut the cost of wintering cattle

Cut the cost of wintering cattle

Jared Geiser and Brenda Boetel

Progressive Cattle

As we continue into the winter feeding months, cow-calf producers have additional opportunities to impact their bottom line. Winter feeding costs represent the single largest cost to cattlemen, typically representing 55 to 80 percent of total costs for their cow herd.

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Building a bond with your bull seller. It will pay off for you!

Building a bond with your bull seller. It will pay off for you!

Bruce Derksen


People create relationship bonds of varying degrees and strengths in all their interactions. Some, such as with the cashier at the neighborhood grocery store, may be comfortably shallow, while others, like with a co-worker or boss, are much more complicated.

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