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Less Complex Decision-Making in a Complex Business

Less Complex Decision-Making in a Complex Business

Dr. Justin Rhinehart

University of Tennessee

I’m certainly not on Einstein’s level of intelligence, but this quote applies to my calling to serve you at the intersection of science, education, and application. In a more roundabout way, it also applies to the part you play in producing beef. When I don’t understand what I’m talking about well enough, the person/people I’m working with aren’t interested in applying the concept. For you, it might be that you applied a new or different management concept that didn’t produced the outcomes you expected.

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Out Of Drought They Rise

Out Of Drought They Rise

Kerry Hoffschneider

Western AG Reporter

When drought struck Texas in 2011, feed and water were becoming sparse for many ranchers.  Land managers had to adjust cattle herds and grazing plans in order to accommodate.  These changes, while difficult at the time, were what set Deborah Clark and her husband Emry Birdwell down a regenerative agriculture path. “We are a conventional ranching operating in a regenerative ag movement,” Deborah Clark said.  “We have learned you are not being holistic unless you are talking about the whole picture.”

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How well do you mix your cattle feed?

How well do you mix your cattle feed?

John McKinnon

Canadian Cattlemen

When it comes to putting quality feed in front of cattle, there are about as many ways to accomplish this task as there are cattle operations. In most finishing operations, we see total mixed rations (TMR) delivered via mixer wagons, while in cow-calf operations we see everything from pail-feeding grain and ad libitum bale feeding to a variety of extended winter grazing scenarios.

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Final WOTUS rule drains wetland protections

Final WOTUS rule drains wetland protections

Ariel Wittenberg

E&E News

A final rule unveiled by the Trump administration today eliminates Clean Water Act protections for the majority of the nation’s wetlands and more than 18% of streams. The Navigable Waters Protection Rule, also known as the Waters of the U.S., or WOTUS, rule, replaces regulations that have been in place since the Reagan administration.

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USDA proposes reapportion of cattlemen’s beef board membership

USDA proposes reapportion of cattlemen’s beef board membership

Alicia Nguyen

Progressive Cattle

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is proposing to adjust membership on the Beef Promotion and Research Board to reflect shifts in cattle inventory levels since the last board reapportionment in 2017, as required by the rules governing the board.

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Tom Jones and his Hy-Plains team keep feeding, learning and showing the way to better.

Tom Jones and his Hy-Plains team keep feeding, learning and showing the way to better.

Miranda Reiman

Angus Beef Bulletin

If they set the bar there today, by tomorrow, they’ll raise it higher. That’s the kind of feedyard Tom Jones manages. It’s the kind of person Jones is. In 1999, he and investors bought a 28,000-head yard near Montezuma, Kan., and immediately began doing business as Hy-Plains Feedyard LLC. Two decades later he still makes his living on the business, but that looks different today than it did then. It may look different next year, or even next month.

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Texas A&M calls on Harvard to investigate faculty’s beef-science ethics

Texas A&M calls on Harvard to investigate faculty’s beef-science ethics


There’s no question that the consumption of red meat — from its healthfulness in humans to its impact on the environment to the care of the livestock themselves — is one of the hottest topics discussed in mainstream media and on social media platforms. And there are countless numbers of individuals and groups weighing in on all sides of this debate — some of whom are more reputable than others.

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Tyson Announces ‘Coalition For Global Protein’

Tyson Announces ‘Coalition For Global Protein’

Greg Henderson


Tyson Foods announced a new multi-stakeholder global sustainability initiative alongside the 50th World Economic Forum held this week in Davos, Switzerland.

Seeking to advance the “future of global protein,” Tyson has created the “Coalition for Global Protein” that will convene leaders from the global protein industry along with academia, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and financial institutions.

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But, the feed tag says only 1.5 pounds/head/day!

But, the feed tag says only 1.5 pounds/head/day!

Stan Smith

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Understanding the ruminant system, and properly supplementing the energy source with protein will be one of the topics Dr. Fluharty covers during his presentation at the first session of the Ohio Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management Schools.

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Flexibility Key to Grazing Through the Winter

Flexibility Key to Grazing Through the Winter

On Pasture

Variable weather is something Dean Manning is learning to work with on his mixed farming operation at Falmouth, Nova Scotia, about a 45 minute drive north of Halifax. With a 75 to 80 head commercial beef herd being about one half of his farming operation, and a market garden and vegetable production being about the other half, he’s been working to develop an extended, but flexible grazing system for his operation.

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