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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 items found while cleaning out the shop on a winter’s day

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 items found while cleaning out the shop on a winter’s day


#10. A 5-gallon bucket of assorted rusty nuts and bolts, which, you discover upon moving, has a rusted out bottom.

#9. Smashed grease gun cartridges from 1964.

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The Road Ahead for Fat and Feeder Cattle and Other Markets

The Road Ahead for Fat and Feeder Cattle and Other Markets

Michael Seek


History appears to have been made this last 6 to 8 weeks when the Choice Box Beef market went down like a rock for days and weeks and yet the Fat Cattle market did not budge. This kind of massive divergence between Live Cattle and Dressed Steer and the Boxes’ is telling livestock veterans that the Fat Cattle must be in bigger more protracted bull market than anyone thought. Add in to this foregoing backdrop that the Federal Reserve Chairman made it clear that the Fed is resolved to get higher inflation rates.

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Nutrition Is Key to Managing the Postpartum Interval

Nutrition Is Key to Managing the Postpartum Interval

Wes Ishmael


Right now, just before and just after calving, many cow-calf producers have the opportunity to critically impact profit-centric factors, such as cow costs, weaning weights and the percent calf crop. “This period from calving until the cow conceives is the most critical period in a cow’s production cycle Hit the moving target Nutrition is key to managing the postpartum interval. and minimizing this time period is important for several reasons,” says Rick Funston, beef cattle reproductive physiologist at the West Central Research and Extension Center at North Platte, Nebraska,

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Nutrition and Management Crucial to Fertility of Herd Bulls

Nutrition and Management Crucial to Fertility of Herd Bulls

Trinity Lewis

American Red Angus Magazine

As temperatures drop and cold ,winds pick up, ensuring cows are in a safe location and calving shelters are bedded is paramount. In these conditions it can be easy to forget about herd bulls. Yet, this is a pivotal time to keep them top of mind for the sake of the herd’s future.

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Winter Watering

Winter Watering

Del Williams

California Cattleman

Whether ranchers and farmers are raising cattle, bison, horses, sheep or other livestock, reliably providing fresh water is a necessity throughout the year, but a particular challenge during winter when standing water sources can ice over. With beef cattle and other livestock, lower water consumption can slow growth and compromise health; and in dairy cows or cows with calves, it reduces milk production.
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Disastrous 2019 weather spills over into cattle breeding

Disastrous 2019 weather spills over into cattle breeding

Michelle Rook


The disastrous weather in 2019 continues to have a long tail, not just for grain producers but for livestock operations as well. It is currently surfacing in a higher percentage of unbred beef cows this fall and winter than in past years.

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Let those mama cows do their motherly thing

Let those mama cows do their motherly thing

Bruce Derksen

Beef Magazine

It’s possible that cow-calf producers can have a tunnel-vision focus on only the pregnant cow when calving time approaches. They hang their calf puller and chains near the calving pen and concentrate on getting that newborn calf on the ground. Questions dominate their minds. Will they be able to pull that smaller heifer’s calf? Which one will have a foot or two down in the birth canal? Will that black baldy have another backwards calf this year?

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Grazing corn residue proves its worth

Grazing corn residue proves its worth

Raylene Nickel

Successful Farming

Corn growers considering grazing cattle on no-till corn residue don’t have to worry about compaction, according to University of Nebraska (U of N) research. Yields of subsequent crops don’t suffer either from grazing of the previous crop’s aftermath. If anything, grazing of the residue could slightly increase yields of subsequent crops.

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Built-in and better – cattle of tomorrow being bred today

Built-in and better – cattle of tomorrow being bred today

Miranda Reiman

Aberdeen News

Seeing new car advertisements, that thought runs through my mind. With an active family, I can’t count the number of times there’s been an immediate mess—think sandbox remnants dumped out of tennis shoes or cereal spread across the floor—and I wished a vacuum cleaner would appear out of thin air. About the day after I first had that thought, I saw the brand new minivan with an integrated vacuum.

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Hay stocks up from last year but still below average

Hay stocks up from last year but still below average

Derrell S. Peel


Weather challenges in 2019 led to many questions about the quantity and quality of hay production and supply heading into 2020. Recent U.S. Department of Agriculture reports provide a summary of 2019 hay production and the status of hay stocks as of Dec. 1.

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