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EPD Information For Bull-Buying Decisions

EPD Information For Bull-Buying Decisions

Ryan Boldt

American Red Angus

When looking at EPD information there are three important metrics to consider. This includes the EPD value, the accuracy of the EPD and the percentile rank for that EPD value. Each of these different pieces of information is important to consider when making bull buying decisions.
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Taxes grow, spending soars & under 50 to pay up

Taxes grow, spending soars & under 50 to pay up

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

As the debates among the Democratic presidential hopefuls continue, the issue of taxing and spending seems to have been overwhelmed by other arguments. I can’t definitely say that, as I haven’t watched any of the debates. But news reports don’t mention how the candidates plan to pay for the government services they think you and I need.

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Testing your beef cattle for bovine viral diarrhea virus

Testing your beef cattle for bovine viral diarrhea virus

Russ Daly

Aberdeen News

Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) is among the most important pathogens affecting today’s beef and dairy cattle operations. Associated with reproductive, digestive, and respiratory illnesses in cattle, the virus can also create a congenital, persistent infection in calves, greatly aiding the virus’ spread within and between herds. Testing and removal of these persistently infected (BVDV-PI) calves is the hallmark of BVDV control and prevention.

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Raising beef cattle is sustainable for today and tomorrow

Raising beef cattle is sustainable for today and tomorrow


Kenosha News

Some U.S. news outlets have reported on events, like the Golden Globe Awards, that are going “meatless” to shed light on climate change. In all likelihood, serving a nice, small cut of beef may have done more to reduce climate change than the entrée of king oyster mushroom scallops on top of wild mushroom risotto that was served at the event.

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Oklahoma examines the future of cattle traceability

Oklahoma examines the future of cattle traceability

Lacey Newlin

High Plains Journal

It is a bothersome subject to bring up in some circles, but just like anything we do not want to deal with, the topic of electronic cattle traceability regulations is coming. To many cattlemen’s chagrin, it might be here sooner than we expect.  Currently, cattle producers are governed by the Animal Disease Traceability rule, or ADT. It says cattle older than 18 months of age at livestock auction markets are required to be identified with an official U.S. Department of Agriculture metal ear tag.

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New research connects drug treatments, resistance in cattle disease

New research connects drug treatments, resistance in cattle disease

Henry Herald

A new study from Kansas State University on the treatment of non-responding cases of bovine respiratory disease, known as BRD, conducted by Hans Coetzee and collaborators from Iowa State University, sheds light on the relationship between drug treatments and the emergence of antimicrobial resistance. The study was published in the December 2019 issue of the journal PLOS ONE.

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Connealy helps keep the brand rolling

Connealy helps keep the brand rolling

Certified Angus Beef
Fifth-generation Nebraska rancher Jerry Connealy brought a lifetime of experience to his role as chairman of the Certified Angus Beef ® brand’s board of directors, which he led through 2019. Growing up on the Sandhills ranch near Whitman that his great-great-grandfather homesteaded, Connealy took classes on raising cattle before he learned to drive. He watched his father purchase their first Angus cattle and slowly helped him build their registered herd.

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Cattle markets yawn at China deal

Cattle markets yawn at China deal

Doug Ferguson

Beef Producer

I was a bit surprised to see some lower markets only because there has been so much talk for so long how we need a trade deal with China. So, when the phase one deal was signed I really expected to see the beginning of an emotionally charged rally.

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Transformational gift from alumni leads to new name for OSU’s agriculture college

Transformational gift from alumni leads to new name for OSU’s agriculture college

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University and alumni Kayleen and Larry Ferguson announced a $50 million gift from the Ferguson Family Foundation that will transform the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources in a variety of ways, including a new name. Pending approval next week from the Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents, the college will be renamed the Ferguson College of Agriculture in recognition of the gift, which is among the largest in OSU’s nearly 130-year history.

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Australia cattle industry struggles

Australia cattle industry struggles

Derrell S. Peel

The Neighbor

The ongoing wildfires in Australia represent the latest in nearly a decade of environmental challenges the country has faced. That has prompted questions about the impact of the fires on Australian cattle and beef production as well as trade. This article was compiled from several Australian reports and other media and data sources.

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