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Baxter Black:  Cowboy Vegetarian Cookbook

Baxter Black:  Cowboy Vegetarian Cookbook

When beef gets short, a lot of cowboys are forced to do without.   The cook must come up with meatless meals. The following recipes are from the Cowboy Vegetarian Cookbook.

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Good Information, Progressive Management and Quality Commercial Cows

Good Information, Progressive Management and Quality Commercial Cows

Lilly Platts


Commercial operations run, with the care and attention to detail of a seedstock business, are worth taking notice of, and Bill Hilbert has built a high-quality cowherd using forward thinking management techniques, dedication to improvement, and the influence of SimAngus™ bulls. Along with his wife, June, Hilbert runs a group of commercial Simmental, Balancer, and Angus-cross females near Meriden, Kansas, on the edge of the Flint Hills.
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Controlling Lice in Cattle Can Be Challenging

Controlling Lice in Cattle Can Be Challenging

Heather Smith Thomas

Charolais Journal

Dr. Bill Lias (Interstate Vet Clinic, Brandon, SD) says lice numbers generally explode in winter. ”When it’s warm, lice don’t want to be on the warm back of a cow with sunshine on it. They thrive in colder weather. There are two main types of lice: sucking lice and biting lice. The latter feed on dander and debris on the skin surface instead of sucking blood,” says Lias. Dr. Dave Barz, Northwest Veterinary and Supply, Parkston, South Dakota says there are 3 species of sucking lice and one species of biting/ chewing lice. ”There are also tail lice that can cause cattle to lose their switch,” he says.
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Industry Insiders Have Vision for New Year

Industry Insiders Have Vision for New Year
Steve Ipsen

California Cattleman

In a state as diverse as California, it only seems fitting that its agriculture industries would also cover the gamut as the climate and varying degrees of open space fluctuate a great deal across the Golden States 164,000 square miles. Since the year 2010, there has been a lot of change within the beef industry itself. From two completely paradoxical presidential administrations, regulatory challenges and dizzying trade wars, peak cattle prices, a dwindling national beef herd size, emerging beef technologies and the seemingly endless cycle of drought, fire and flooding, California beef producers and those across the country may feel as though they have seen it all, and perhaps they have.

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Hidden Costs

Hidden Costs

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

When asking cow-calf producers what it costs to raise cattle, often feed, equipment and labor are top of mind. However, one expense not typically accounted for is the decreasing value of the cow over time.

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Advice for the future of seedstock marketing

Advice for the future of seedstock marketing

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

Challenges and opportunities exist for the future of seedstock marketing. Here, three beef industry specialists share their views on the state of the U.S. seedstock business, and they provide advice on the marketing strategies that will be important for seedstock cattle operations to stay competitive in the future.

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Australian Fires Impact On Cattle And Beef

Australian Fires Impact On Cattle And Beef

Derrell Peel


The ongoing wildfires in Australia represent the latest in nearly a decade of environmental challenges the country has faced.  This has prompted questions about the impact of the fires on Australian cattle and beef production and trade.  This article was compiled from several Australian reports and other media and data sources.

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