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New Fair Competition Rules for Livestock and Poultry Industry Advanced

New Fair Competition Rules for Livestock and Poultry Industry Advanced

Reana Kovalcik

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

The USDA’s Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS) introduced four criteria today aimed at making it easier to determine whether a meatpacker’s actions were such that they could be construed as providing an “undue or unreasonable preference or advantage” to one producer over another. The rule does not, however, address several other important aspects of undue preference, such as harm to competition and retaliation or a farmer’s right to speak out.

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A Burger Won’t Negate an Airplane

A Burger Won’t Negate an Airplane

Buzzard’s Beat

Over the past decade, my bovine friends have started to receive a bad rap for releasing their bodily fumes into the air (apparently they are the only animals on the planet that belch – shame!). Many people have even gone so far as to blame our planet’s changing climate on cows, in an attempt to create a scapegoat for their own drastically impactful behavior. So, indulge me for a moment while we talk about climate change, population growth and cows.

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Buying Power: Bull Selection to Improve Your Bottom Line

Buying Power: Bull Selection to Improve Your Bottom Line

Beef Cattle Research Council

f it hasn’t happened already, soon your mailboxes and inboxes will be filling up with catalogues for this year’s bull sales. How can you identify which bull is going to work best for your operation? Purchasing the best bull for your operation’s needs starts with good record keeping to identify your operation’s strengths and weaknesses

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New research reveals connection between drug treatments and antimicrobial resistance in cattle disease

New research reveals connection between drug treatments and antimicrobial resistance in cattle disease

Hays Post

A new study from Kansas State University on the treatment of non-responding cases of bovine respiratory disease, known as BRD, conducted by Hans Coetzee and his collaborators from Iowa State University, sheds light on the relationship between drug treatments and the emergence of antimicrobial resistance.

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NDSU Extension offers pre- and post-calving advice

NDSU Extension offers pre- and post-calving advice

Aberdeen News

“Body condition plays an important role in successfully wintering beef cows,” says Yuri Montanholi, North Dakota State University Extension beef cattle specialist. “Late weaning, overstocking, late supplementation, poor parasite control programs and inadequate winter rations all can lead to cows in poor body condition.”

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Walmart opens beef-packing plant

Walmart opens beef-packing plant

Nathan Owens

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Walmart’s plan to control a portion of the beef supply for its stores took a step forward Friday with the opening of a south Georgia meat processing plant owned by Walmart Inc. In efforts to meet customer demand for quality, private-label food items and a more transparent supply chain, Walmart said it has developed an “end-to-end” supply chain for Angus beef.

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Kansas rancher recognized for beef advocacy effort

Kansas rancher recognized for beef advocacy effort

High Plains Journal

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, has selected Brandi Buzzard Frobose, blogger, Kansas rancher and influencer, as the 2019 Advocate of the Year. This honor is given annually to an outstanding Masters of Beef Advocacy program graduate to recognize his or her success in reaching and educating consumers who want to learn more about beef and raising cattle.

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