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Implementing a Rotational Grazing Plan

Implementing a Rotational Grazing Plan

Loretta Sorensen
DTN\Progressive Farmer

Dave Reis advises his ranching peers to “go slow” in developing a rotational grazing system. While he has no regrets about establishing 24 paddocks on 8,500 acres during the past 20 years, he says he’d go at it slower if he had it to do over.

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Calving distribution: A tool for evaluating reproductive performance

Calving distribution: A tool for evaluating reproductive performance

High Plains Journal

Calculating calving distribution is one way to evaluate the previous year’s cow herd reproductive performance. This assessment calculates the number of cows calving in 21-day periods during the calving season (the length of a cow’s estrous cycle). There are two different methods used to determine the starting date. The first is to add 283 (average gestation length) to the first breeding date or bull turnout date, and the second is to assign the starting date as the day when the third mature cow calves.

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Invasive Tick Carries Foreign Cattle Disease

Invasive Tick Carries Foreign Cattle Disease

Brittany Bowman

Bovine Veterinarian

The Ikeda strain of Theileria orientalis is known to be carried by the Asian longhorned tick (Haemaphysalis longicornis) in Australia and New Zealand, producing symptoms of anemia and jaundice similar to Anaplasma marginale, says Kevin Lahmers, DVM, a veterinary pathologist at Virginia Tech. The tick arrived in the U.S. as early as 2010, and outbreaks of T. orientalis in 13 Virginia counties are also counties where the tick has been found.

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USDA’s Salmonella standards for raw ground beef may change in 2020

USDA’s Salmonella standards for raw ground beef may change in 2020

Ilana Korchia

Food Safety News

A performance standard is a metric that USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service uses to evaluate the potential presence of pathogens on FSIS-regulated products, including meat and poultry. The Salmonella performance standards apply to an establishment’s overall process control, not to individual products.

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The Future Of Farming Is Today (At Least For Now!)

The Future Of Farming Is Today (At Least For Now!)

Brett Begemann


One of the things I love about farmers is their uncanny ability to think beyond the latest technology. As one who grew up on a farm and still farms today, hearing another grower say “Great! But what’s next?” is both a compliment and a challenge – and about as good as it gets. That’s because most farmers realize that successfully harvesting a crop is only a seasonal victory in a lifelong commitment.

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How to Prevent Livestock Heat Stress in Winter

How to Prevent Livestock Heat Stress in Winter

Sure Champ

Winter temperatures have settled in. You’re focused on keeping cattle fed, water tanks thawed for your livestock, and hoping that old show heifer doesn’t calve in snow bank and end up with a baby with frozen ears. Heat stress in your show animals seems like a distant challenge to think about in another six months. However, heat stress occasionally occurs in the winter. Although the temperatures are not as extreme, the stress can have a greater effect because of the dramatic fluctuation in temperatures.

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Preventing Cold Stress In Calves

Preventing Cold Stress In Calves

Rosslyn Biggs


Producers have a tremendous investment in getting a healthy calf on the ground. A well-developed plan to monitor cows and heifers during calving season is crucial, particularly during the weather extremes of the year. Both severe heat and severe cold impact calf survival, and advanced preparation can help address both cow and calf needs. Calves born during the winter have a unique set of requirements.

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